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Green & Healthy

Prevent Digital Eye Strain with These Measures

Computer vision syndrome should be taken seriously.

Green & Healthy

A More Comfortable View with Height Adjustable Stand

HAS ensures physical comfort both at work and play.

Green & Healthy

Healthy Gaming Begins With Vision Protection

State-of-the-art monitors that offer day-long comfort.

Green & Healthy

A Monitor For a More Comfortable and Healthy Working Environment

Business monitor 276B1JH fulfils an important requirement for you and your team.

Green & Healthy

Philips Monitors for Eye Protection - at Work or Play

Whether at work or play, protect your eyesight by using TÜV Rheinland-certified monitor.

Green & Healthy

Green Monitor with a Commitment to Nature

As part of Philips’ long-standing vision on sustainability and environmental wellness, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet, as well as creating eco-friendly monitors that can help you be more sustainable in your personal and working lives.

Green & Healthy

A More Sustainable Monitor for a Green Office Environment

For businesses that pride themselves on embracing sustainability, it makes sense to invest in office equipment designed for sustainable productivity.

Green & Healthy

Truly Sustainable Productivity Coupled with Excellent Performance: the 24” Philips 242B1G

One of the greenest monitors is here: the Philips 242B1G (23.8″ / 60.5 cm) is designed for sustainable productivity and addressed to ecologically-minded professionals. This eco-friendly monitor from the Philips monitors’ B Line delivers a new level of power saving in addition to ease of use and visual comfort (the Full HD IPS panel delivers exceptional color accuracy and wide viewing angles), ensuring peak performance every day while respecting the environment.

Green & Healthy

Three Things You Should Know About Philips’ Greenest Monitors

If you are concerned about issues such as sustainability, e-waste, energy efficiency and the leaching of toxins into the environment, you can allay some of those concerns by choosing a Philips green monitor.

Green & Healthy

Smart ErgoBase Makes Philips Monitors Comfortable, Productive and Safe

The Philips brand is synonymous with Innovation, and caring and careful design considerations have led to the creation of an ergonomic stand for monitors, the Smart ErgoBase, that allows careful alignment between the user’s shape and size and the size and shape of the monitor.