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3 Reasons this Monitor Offers Great Value for Business

By Philips Monitors, 10 Sep 2021.

As a wide-view monitor that gives viewing beyond boundaries, the 272V8A offers great value for business with its host of essential features. It delivers vivid and crisp images every time...

Tech Innovation

Six Must-Have Tech Innovations in a 4-sided Frameless Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 10 Sep 2021.

At Philips, we equip our display monitors with a host of features that make viewing, working and entertainment a real pleasure. The 279E2FQE is one of our 4-sided frameless monitors...


Immersive Gaming with Fast Action

By Philips Monitors, 10 Sep 2021.

Which monitor can give you a wrap-around view of your game, with ultra-smooth and precise action to help you conquer it all? Our 345M2CRZ Momentum monitor, of course! This UltraWide...

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