A More Comfortable View with Height Adjustable Stand
HAS ensures physical comfort both at work and play.

   2022/06/21  |  MMDInnovationHub

Are you the type of person who keeps changing positions while working in front of a computer? Or are there multiple users of your home PC? Is your monitor used for both work and entertainment?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a “yes”, your display view constantly changes. That means the monitor is usually not in the optimal viewing position for comfort each time you use it, or there is always a need to adjust that screen every time you sit in front of it.

Beyond resolution and image quality, refresh rates, and sharp colors, a display monitor must be positioned so the user's view will not compromise comfort.

The ideal position

Ideally, the top of the screen is at eye level. And the distance of the monitor should be at least an arm's length from the eyes. Whether used for work or play, you shouldn't have to look up or far too down at the screen. So, even if you spend extended periods in front of a display, there is less danger of overly straining the neck and shoulders.

HAS You’re in danger of injuring muscles, nerves and tendons in the neck and shoulders if monitor is positioned incorrectly.

You do not want to experience musculoskeletal disorders such as injuries to muscles, nerves, and tendons in the neck and shoulders, which is the long-term result when using monitors not correctly adjusted.

Sure, ergonomic chairs can help, but it can be tedious fiddling with the lever to get the proper height each time. Most likely, you ignore this and use it as is, which will lead to discomfort.

Easy adjustment of Height Adjustable Stand

But what if your monitor stand had a unique feature that enables easy adjustment, so you always have the ideal viewing position?

The solution? Pick a monitor with a height-adjustable stand (HAS). And if you love Philips for its many innovations that enhance viewing pleasure, you'll like it even more because it never leaves comfort behind.

Heaight Adjustable Stand The user-friendly stand that is height-adjustable for optimal viewing position every time.

The Philips E5000 series has models that offer this vital feature - SmartErgo Base. The ergonomic stand can pivot and tilt and is height-adjustable plus user-friendly. Sit in front of the display and adjust for maximum comfort and efficiency.

And we upped the tech by integrating a 5MP webcam (Windows Hello) that delivers sharp images and has a noise-canceling microphone and built-in speakers perfect for the remote work setup in the E5000HE series.

E5000HE Beyond clear images, this monitor from the E5000HE series comes with a 5MP webcam and a noise-canceling mic.

This webcam also offers Windows 11 Hello Facial Recognition Support, whereby users can log in to their device securely in under two seconds, almost as soon as they sit at their desk. This is only one third of the time required to log in using conventional passwords.

It's not only neck and shoulder comfort that matters to our users. Therefore, the E5000 series has LowBlue mode and Flicker-free technology to protect the eyes from strain after prolonged use. With a comfortable view to help minimize straining muscles and nerves, plus eye comfort user convenience is definitely at the top of our minds when it comes to developing and innovating state-of-the-art monitors.

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