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The Ideal Monitor For Small Businesses

Friendly to the budget without compromising on performance.

Home Use

Guide to Buying a PC Monitor

Pick the Philips Monitors for home, gaming or professional use.

Home Use

MultiView Display That Integrates Work and Play

Philips Monitors 279E1EW is a true multi-tasking display.

Home Use

6 Ways This UltraClear Monitor Gets Your Best Work Done

Your design team can do so much more with the utmost visual clarity of 328B1.

Home Use

Aesthetic and Functional in CrystalClear Quad HD

With its elegant white exterior and sleek design, the 246E1EW monitor is stunning to look at.

Home Use

Stunning Visuals with Quantum Dot Technology

If your line of work demands precise visuals, a Philips display monitor with UltraClear 4K UHD resolution will do the job perfectly.

Home Use

Style Meets Substance in Philips’ White Home Monitors with USB-C

Bright and elegant, white is a classic yet modern color that suits almost any space. The same goes for the home or home office, where a white display monitor can add that extra touch of style.

Home Use

The Best USB-C Monitor for Work from Home Dads

New norms and social distancing guidelines have made it vital for us to look for other ways to stay connected with co-workers and clients.

Home Use

6 Things to Know About the Outstanding 279C9 Monitor

Choosing a display monitor for the home can be a challenge. Ideally, the one you choose should perform beyond expectations with superb image quality, a stylish design and a dash of user-friendly features.

Home Use

A Compact Monitor With Great Value

In smaller homes, space is at a premium and often, there is simply no room for a separate home office.