5 Best Curved Philips Monitors
Elevate your computer experience with a curved monitor.

   2023/01/10  |  MMDInnovationHub

The main difference between a flat panel and a curved display is its shape. It's not to say one is better than the other but beyond budget, there are other factors to consider to best suit your needs.

Enough workspace and lighting control are ideal for a curved display. Creative professionals - those heavy in graphic design and video editing - benefit the most from curved monitors because they provide an immersive experience.

Why flat displays?

Flat monitors, meanwhile, are space savers. For rudimentary computing use - web browsing, writing, watching videos, online shopping - go with flat.

While glare is a concern for either display type, it is easier to address the issue with a flat monitor, especially in constrained spaces.

Balanced visuals are also easier to achieve with flat displays regardless of viewing angle.

maximum field of view The biggest draw of the curved display is its maximized field of view.

The curve is the draw

While flat monitors now incorporate a host of features to minimize eyestrain, the very shape of curved displays is its biggest draw.

Studies show that the wider the screen, the more it strains the user's eyes because the human's natural view has a gentle curve; eye fatigue sets in due to prolonged exposure to a wide flat monitor.

On the other hand, curved monitors improve visibility as it draws a user's view from the middle and side edges of the screen along a horizontal line. This way, eye strain is minimized, and there is less difficulty focusing.

If you've decided to go with a curved display, here are five models from Philips Monitors with this new viewing technology.

Momentum for gamers

The 34” 34M1C5500V under the Momentum 5000 Series was designed for gaming. So, it's not only for work but is perfect for avid gamers.

Using a VA panel type for the screen, it comes with a 3440 x 1440px resolution and has a 1500R curvature, good enough for someone just getting acquainted with a curved screen.

For gamers, its 165Hz maximum refresh rate ensures no lags or tears in images. Moreover, its curve adds to the immersive experience.

Philips 34M1C5500V 27M1C3200VL Designed for the avid gamer, Philips Momentum 34M1C5500V and 27M1C3200VL are curved to offer a more immersive gaming experience.

Another curved monitor but under the Momentum 3000 line is the slightly smaller 27M1C3200VL model at 27”. Designed with a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080px) and refresh rate of 165Hz, like its bigger brother, it comes with two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.4 for easy plug-and-play.

For additional protection against eye strain, both models come with LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology.

Power-saving display

Another 34" curved display is the 345B1CR Philips Business monitor. Billed as WQHD (3440 x 1440px), it provides ultra wide Quad HD resolution with 178/178-degree viewing angles, so images and graphics come alive from any angle.

Philips 345B1CR The PowerSensor feature of the 345B1CR sends a signal when the user steps away from the screen to automatically reduce monitor brightness to save on power.

It also features a MultiView display that allows working with multiple devices but viewing all in one screen for increased productivity. The model comes equipped with power-saving features - PowerSensor and LightSensor - that automatically reduce monitor brightness when the user steps away from the monitor and adjust brightness depending on lighting conditions.

Joy in gaming

The third 34" curved display model is the latest in innovation – the Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV, a brand specifically focused on gaming.

In recognition of players who are not hard-core gamers but enjoy an immersive experience while playing for fun, the Evnia brand has a softer, cleaner look with other matching peripherals like keyboards, gaming mice, and earphones as part of its line.

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Evnia is Philips Monitors’ new brand focused on gaming, not just for hard-core gamers but those who play for fun.

Unlike most gaming monitors with hard edges that come in black and red, Evnia is eggshell white with specific soft color combinations to personalize the look of each unit.

Gaming for joy does not mean settling for lesser technology. In fact, this Evnia model has a 3440 x 1440px resolution with mini-OLED panel. It offers a 165Hz refresh rate to ensure that images are seamless and colors are accurate for every game to be truly immersive.

Additionally, its stand is height-adjustable for ergonomic comfort, and the added technology of Flicker-Free and LowBlue Mode will not strain the eyes even with prolonged exposure to the screen.

Super-wide screen

The largest screen size of the best curved monitor models is the business model 45B1U6900C, which not only boasts of dual QHD 5K resolution (5120 x 2160px) but also a 49” display size. This combination gives finer details on screen, whether text or images, static or dynamic. That means easy reading of fonts, sharper images, and smoother lines.

Its size makes it ideal for multitasking, plus a 5K resolution monitor minimizes glare, particularly in well-lit spaces. With an aspect ratio of 32:9, this super wide curved monitor with USB-C docking is almost like having two 27” displays side-by-side.

Philips 45B1U6900C This super-wide screen (49”) is like having two 27” displays side-by-side with high-quality images.

While the monitor requires quite a bit of space, its single cable docking USB-C Type connector means less clutter. It works for networking, high resolution video output, and surfing the Internet. And the RJ45 connection through USB-C, provides secure high-speed data transfer from HDD to the PC.

Not everyone may be ready to switch to curved displays. But if you are, a 27"-model is a good introduction. And if you find your groove with this differently-shaped screen, you may want to go wider and still get the job done - for work or play.

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