The Ideal Monitor For Small Businesses
Friendly to the budget without compromising on performance.

   2022/07/18  |  MMDInnovationHub

Many people are beginning to realize employment will not get them far these days. The trend is going into business and becoming an entrepreneur. It is either to eventually stop working for someone else or for a side hustle to augment income.

One of the biggest challenges when starting a business, no matter how small, is budget. A sensible venture does not require a lot of equipment but can run and be successful with the most basic of tools.

A computer is essential whether it is wholly an online project or not. A good one is necessary, including the monitor, which will do the job without burning a hole in the pocket.

Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. Setting up an enterprise is challenging enough, so the prudent use of resources is crucial.

work from home The prudent use of resources is crucial for any entrepreneur.

Monitors matter

Equally important as the computer specifications are features of the monitor to go with it. Why is the display vital to computer operations? Most of what you need from the computer requires viewing, that’s why. Clarity, especially for graphics and figures, can spell the difference between failure and success.

Finding a budget-friendly monitor is not as hard as it seems. Selecting a good one worth the expense should later be a boon for business.

Never compromise on image quality and color accuracy. Go for Full HD (FHD) to give you high-definition photos and video. That means a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 px and a refresh rate of 60Hz or higher.

work from home There’s a size available for every need. This model, 272V8A is 27”. Monitors by Philips are bang for the buck.

Monitors that don’t break your budget

Philips offers its V Line series of monitors, designed with high image quality for work and leisure for its 21.5, 24, and 27-inch models. The refresh rate for this series is 75Hz, to minimize lagging as images change. They also come with Adaptive Synch technology for less image tearing.

After checking off picture quality, below are some other items to look out for.

Consider the space or area for monitor set-up. It is crucial. Will it sit on a desk or counter, or is wall mounting a better option to save space? It is especially true for the bigger models in the series - 271V8, 271V8W, 272V8A, 275V8LA, and 241V8L6, which can take up a bit of space.

A compact, slim design should make it easier to mount a screen. All models in the V Line include a VESA mount 100 x 100, which allows low-cost installation of monitors for various applications.

A wide-view display for more vivid and bright images is another feature that boosts equipment value, especially when it comes to viewing photos, web browsing, and even watching films or gaming. Philips uses the multi-domain vertical alignment technology so viewing angle (178/178 degree) is wider and image quality is not compromised even when looking at the monitor from any angle.

One big display

All the models in the V Line are 3-sided borderless to maximize viewing size by minimizing distractions. It is ideal for multi-display or tiling set-up as the ultra-narrow borders make it appear as one big display.

3-sided borderless It’s like viewing one large display when 3-sided borderless monitors are tiled.

Regardless if you've chosen the 220V8, its variants 221V8 and 221V8A, or the much larger 271V8, 271V8W, and 272V8A, viewing graphics onscreen, even using tiled displays in your home office, will appear seamless thanks to this technology.

Caring for the eyes

But wait! Philips Monitors cares for more than just image quality and viewing convenience. Our monitors, including the 241V8, 241V8W, and 242V8A, were designed to protect eye health and come with LowBlue mode, FlickerFree, and EasyRead technology.

LowBlue mode is a smart software technology that reduces harmful shortwave blue light, even with extended exposure. FlickerFree regulates brightness and reduces onscreen flicker for more comfortable viewing and less eye fatigue.

EasyRead With EasyRead mode, it’s like reading text or figures on paper, which means less eye fatigue.

And if your business requires reading voluminous text and figures, EasyRead mode is the answer. Think of reading on your display like reading on paper. That's less glare, larger fonts, and vision-friendly.

As packed as these models are with state-of-the-art features, they are budget-friendly. So, whatever is saved from the capital can be used for other aspects of the business.

Starting a small business may be daunting, but scouting for the right equipment tailored to a tight budget will be essential to success.

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