Healthy Gaming Begins With Vision Protection
State-of-the-art monitors that offer day-long comfort.

   2021/01/11  |  MMDInnovationHub

As enjoyable and entertaining as gaming is, it does have a downside: prolonged exposure to display monitors can ultimately harm the eyes. Just think, an average human eye blinks 12 times per minute to keep it hydrated and healthy. Staring at a screen intently and for extended periods cuts blinking to just five every 60 seconds.

The eyes' lens and retina eventually weaken due to continued exposure to the high-energy blue-violet light emitted by monitors resulting in digital eye strain, also called Computer Vision Syndrome.

In the gaming world, a blink of an eye can spell defeat. Yet to maintain focus and concentration while going after enemies, it is imperative to keep the eyes on the monitor, allowing it to adapt to light, color, and motion. So how does one minimize health risks while seriously pursuing gaming?

harmful blue lightBlue light emitted by display monitors damage the eyes, beginning with eye fatigue and leading to myopia.

Curved makes a difference

One solution is to switch to curved monitors. Unlike flat panels, where images get distorted as the screen's size increases, curved monitors take advantage of its shape to project light from all directions towards the viewer instead of just a straight line. It minimizes eye strain due to the broader field of view it provides.

Curved displaySwap flat screen with a curved monitor to help protect vision while gaming.

And because eye strain (along with back, neck, and shoulder pain) is a concern for gaming enthusiasts, swapping flat screens for a curved one will be good for the eyes. Since curved monitors mimic reality with their three-dimensional view, the viewing experience also becomes more immersive for the user, especially hard-core gamers.

Monitor shape, however, isn't enough to address the health risks associated with prolonged use. It must have the latest technology aimed precisely to reduce such concerns.

Latest technology for viewing perfection

With ultra-violet light an integral part of monitors, reducing its harmful effects is critical. One way to address this concern led to the development of smart technology called LowBlue Mode. It adjusts the setting to lower harmful shortwave blue light emitted by the screen.

Another protective feature for the eyes is the Flicker-free technology. On-screen flicker contributes to eye fatigue, as does too much brightness. Flicker-free regulates brilliance and eliminates flickering making it more comfortable for the user.

LowBlue ModeMonitors that can adjust blue light settings will minimize visual damage even with extended screen use.

Eye fatigue, redness, or burning eyes may result from too much on-screen glare. A monitor that cuts down on reflection or glare from either natural or artificial light should minimize visual straining. These features should be TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified so you know that these monitors have been tested and approved to perform as they should.

Color, angles & viewing level

Monitors using IPS panels not only enhance visuals, especially color, but afford better viewing angles as well, and are not only best for individual gamers but when sharing screens, too.

ergonomic standThe ergonomic adjustable stand will suit the personal preference of any user.

It's not just staring at a display monitor for protracted periods that can strain or harm the eyes. Viewing level is equally important. Stands with ergonomic adjustment ability that sets a desired height and angle should complement state-of-the-art screen technology.

And since not everyone who uses monitors is into gaming, having an EasyRead Mode is a plus. Think of it as a giant paper but on a screen that makes reading even voluminous text comfortable and friendly to the eyes, neck, shoulders, and back.

Yes, prolonged exposure to display monitors can be hazardous to health. But with technology, screens are evolving into healthy monitors that gaming enthusiasts, and anyone spending long hours onscreen, will appreciate.

TÜV Rheinland-certified monitors include: 242B1, 243B1, 245B1, 278B1, 279P1 and 329P1H.

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