[Infographic] Elevated Workspace Comfort
SmartErgoBase offers customized comfort in a streamlined setup.

   2023/10/17  |  MMDInnovationHub

As important as resolution, speed, and color accuracy are in a monitor, special features for one’s viewing comfort and convenience should not be sacrificed in choosing a particular display model. The long hours spent in front of a screen demand that equal attention should be given to minimize usual health risks like straining the eyes, neck, shoulders, and back.

Philips Monitors’ innovative SmartErgoBase is a versatile monitor stand incorporated to address ergonomic comfort.

With accommodating height adjustments, swivel, and tilt capabilities, as well as rotation angles, this base enables you to position the monitor for maximum comfort, reducing strains of long workdays.

Meanwhile, the integrated cable management system helps minimize cable clutter, fostering a tidy and professional workspace ambiance that enhances creativity.

SmartErgoBase Infographic SmartErgoBase Infographic

An ideal monitor that comes with the SmartErgoBase stand is the Evnia 32M1N5500Z, among Philips Monitors models with a screen size beyond 30”. Evnia is designed for a different kind of gaming experience, yet meets professional’s work needs.

32M1N5500Z features a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (Quad HD) for crystal clear visuals and a 170Hz refresh rate to ensure no lags during work or play for smooth and brilliant images.

To complement its ergonomic base, the 32M1N5500Z also has the LowBlue mode, EasyRead, and Flicker-free technology, all to protect the eyes against fatigue and strain, strengthening our commitment to protecting consumer wellbeing and the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

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