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Professional Use

Philips Releases New Creator Monitors with Exceptional Connectivity and 4K UHD Resolution, Making Them the Perfect Assets for Designing in Detail

See color and connectivity combined in a different light with these monitors.

Green & Healthy

[Infographic] Elevated Workspace Comfort

SmartErgoBase offers customized comfort in a streamlined setup.

Professional Use

Pioneering the Ever-Changing World with Superior Display Solutions

Philips UltraClear 4K UHD and QHD Monitors

Green & Healthy

Smart ErgoBase Makes Philips Monitors Comfortable, Productive and Safe

The Philips brand is synonymous with Innovation, and caring and careful design considerations have led to the creation of an ergonomic stand for monitors, the Smart ErgoBase, that allows careful alignment between the user’s shape and size and the size and shape of the monitor.

Home Use

Optimized Comfort with SmartErgoBase

Philips Monitors is known for superior image quality and performance, but in designing our products, we also take ergonomics into careful consideration.

Home Use

Philips Announces iF and Red Dot Award-Winning Moda LCD Monitor 279C9

Combining high-performance features with ergonomic comfort, model 279C9 for both work and play has already won two of the world’s most prestigious design awards for 2020 – iF and Red Dot.

Professional Use

Protect Yourself from Visual Hacking

If you work in an open-planned office, security can be an issue. Onlookers may be able to view confidential, sensitive, or private data that you wish to keep secure. To help prevent visual hacking, our 242B1V monitor is especially designed with Philips Privacy Mode.

Professional Use

Top 4 Display Monitor Features Optimized for Creators

As our world rapidly shifts to an economy based on information technology, the demand for digital content and its creation has become more intense.

Home Use

Four Ways This Award-Winning Monitor Combines the Best in Design and Detail

At Philips Monitors, we pride ourselves in delivering displays that combine good design with clever details, to give you the best of both worlds.