Smart ErgoBase Makes Philips Monitors Comfortable, Productive and Safe
The Philips brand is synonymous with Innovation, and caring and careful design considerations have led to the creation of an ergonomic stand for monitors, the Smart ErgoBase, that allows careful alignment between the user’s shape and size and the size and shape of the monitor.

This fresh design approach protects the health of the user, eliminating aches and strains and avoiding possible injury. In this way, the ergonomically designed Smart ErgoBase maximizes user productivity over the long term, simultaneously helping to achieve a super-efficient Return on Investment.

The Smart ErgoBase is Philips innovation in action, applying research and design to the care and comfort of the user.


The Philips Smart Ergobase – How it works

The Philips Smart ErgoBase allows user-adjustment of the overall positioning of the monitor, including swivel, tilt, rotation and height, where “rotation” allows the monitor to be used in either a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode, to suit the task at hand. This last can be a winning feature for graphics designers, for example, who no longer have to develop a vertical image on a horizontal screen!

Pivot and swivel SmartErgoBase

When the height of the monitor from the base can be adjusted, the monitor can be positioned comfortably relative to the user’s back, neck, head and shoulders. This helps efficient interaction between the user and the system – when using the keyboard and mouse, for example – while avoiding repetitive strain injuries such as muscular aches and strains and the general bodily fatigue that can be made worse by awkward angles between the user and the monitor.

With the versatile Smart ErgoBase, the height of individual monitors can be adjusted through a certain range, in millimeter increments. With the forthcoming M10 monitors, for example, the height adjustments (HA) for the S1, B1 and P1 models, extends from 130mm for the 22-inch 221S1AE, the 24-inch 242S1AE, and the 27-inch 272S1AE, through 150mm for the 24-inch 245B1 and the 27-inch 275B1, to 180mm for 32-inch models such as the 325B1L, 328B1, 326P1H, and 329P1H. Clearly, the larger the size of the monitor, the range or distance through which monitor height can be adjusted will increase, maintaining a good ergonomic relationship with the user.

Cable management SmartErgoBase

The Smart ErgoBase also minimizes cable clutter with convenient cable management, maximizing user efficiency and productivity while maintaining a neat and efficient look.

For Philips, this is just one more example of the way we care for customers by putting their comfort and safety first. And for employers, the end result is greater productivity on the part of the talented individuals they employ, who are now able to turn out more work more quickly!

KV SmartErgoBase

Putting the user first

Many, if not the majority of monitor users, will spend endless-seeming hours and days in front of the screen on which their jobs and communication with family and friends depend. Too often, monitors have made a day’s work a painful experience, accompanied by back and neck aches, swollen red eyes and a general feeling of ‘computer fatigue’. Thanks to the breakthrough design of the Smart ErgoBase, the Philips brand name signals that those days are now over!

Computer equipment offers brilliant tools for creativity, and these should be enjoyable and fun to use. The Smart ErgoBase puts the user, not the monitor, first, ensuring that comfort and safety drive productivity!

This is a perfect example of how the Philips brand has come to mean, for its retail customers, care and concern for their health and their enjoyment of a productive lifestyle. It’s an example of how the Philips brand is directly aligned with Innovation that drives value for its customers. It’s also a powerful example of how the Philips brand means social responsibility.

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