Protect Yourself from Visual Hacking
If you work in an open-planned office, security can be an issue. Onlookers may be able to view confidential, sensitive, or private data that you wish to keep secure. To help prevent visual hacking, our 242B1V monitor is especially designed with Philips Privacy Mode.

This feature darkens the screen on both sides with a press of a button, making it barely visible to others, but the visuals remain clear for you at the center. Besides this clever integrated solution, this Full HD model was designed with a host of features for excellent performance and user friendliness.

Keep your data secure from prying eyes with this monitor’s convenient Privacy Mode.

Privacy Mode

Whether its P&C content, trade secrets or personal data, sometimes the information displayed on your monitor needs to be for your eyes only. In an open office, with people coming and going, it can be hard to keep things completely under wraps. Information leaks are such a big concern, that organizations often invest heavily to prevent it from happening. After all, not all hacking is high tech. Visual hacking, though low tech, can be hard to prevent.

Our new 242B1V monitor comes with an integrated solution called Philips Privacy Mode. It offers privacy without the hassle of a clumsy screen protector. By simply pressing a button, you can switch to Privacy Mode, which makes your screen appear dark and barely visible from both sides. This effectively secures your confidential and sensitive information from prying eyes, while you maintain clear visuals at the center. Once you’re ready to switch back to wide-viewing mode, just press the button again.

With SmartImage, you can choose from the various image setting modes provided to suit your needs.

Excellent performance

This 23.8″ monitor comes in Full HD resolution, with 1920 x 1080 pixels, so you can count on it for a great picture. Its performance goes even further thanks to its IPS technology, which delivers rich and full colors, as well as wide viewing angles that enable you to see it clearly from almost any angle.

For an optimized display performance, we have incorporated SmartImage, an exclusive leading-edge Philips technology that analyzes the content that your screen displays and dynamically optimizes the image settings, like contrast, color saturation and sharpness. All you need to do is use its user-friendly interface to select among the various modes provided, like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc. to suit the application you are using.

If intense gaming is right up your alley, you will appreciate the effortlessly smooth action of Adaptive-Sync technology. Its smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time will eliminate choppy gameplay and broken frames to give you nothing but a fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate.

Cut your energy costs by up to 70% with Philips’ PowerSensor.

Designed for sustainability and comfort

While brilliant performance is something consumers have come to expect from Philips Monitors, this B Line has even more to offer. Understanding the need for energy-efficient electronics, we have incorporated PowerSensor, which automatically dims the monitor when you step away to save up to 70% energy costs. Another feature, LightSensor, provides you with the perfect brightness to suit the light levels in a room with minimal power.

Keep your eyes healthy with Flicker-free technology.

Last, but not least, your physical comfort is always a top consideration. This monitor not only comes with Flicker-free technology for less eye fatigue, and LowBlue Mode for easy on-the-eyes productivity. There is also an EasyRead mode, which affords you a paper-like reading experience.

For your optimal viewing position, this model is equipped with a SmartErgoBase that enables people-friendly ergonomic adjustments. And as an added bonus, it comes with built-in stereo speakers so you can enjoy your multimedia content with convenience.

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