Pioneering the Ever-Changing World with Superior Display Solutions
Philips UltraClear 4K UHD and QHD Monitors

   2021/12/10  |  MMDInnovationHub

With the world changing more rapidly than ever before, Philips remains committed to providing users with the optimal display solutions for any and all professional and home conditions, ensuring users are working at their most comfortable, productive, and most adapted to the necessities the new world has called for. Introducing Philips’ UltraClear 4K UHD and QHD Monitors, coming in a wide variety of screen sizes and delivering stunning visual quality consistently. This extensive selection is guaranteed to provide professionals and home users with the versatility to find the monitors that suit them best. The impressive visual qualities of these monitors are further enhanced with the range of features Philips’ monitors can provide, including convenient connectivity options, features specially designed to maximize user comfort and productivity, and solutions to ensure Philips remains true to its commitment to sustainability and a better world.


Exceptional Visuals with Ultra-Clear High Resolutions

With UltraClear 4K UHD, and QHD resolutions, users can’t go wrong when it comes to finding a display with beautiful and crisp visuals that suit their requirements. Optimized for the best of the best, these Philips monitors utilize high performance panels with high density pixel count, having the expected benefit of deep contrast levels, backlight intensity, breathtaking details, and superb picture quality. No matter if you’re a pleasure hungry home-user, a zealous 3D digital artist, or a business maestro working on large spreadsheets, these Philips monitors will bring your images to life, bringing vitality and potency to your work and entertainment.

For more specialized needs such as graphic designers who require extremely accurate colours, contrast, and saturation, users may opt for models with SmartImage such as Philips’ 27” QHD models 276B1 and 276B9, UltraClear 4K UHD models 27” 279P1, 31.5” 329P1H, 28” 288E2A and 288E2UAE, an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and delivers an optimized display performance. Reinforcing these monitors’ stunning visuals, the majority of these models feature advanced IPS technology, giving users extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree that renders visuals remarkably vibrant and crisp even when viewed from various angles. The vividness of colour IPS technology allows for is quintessential for professional applications that necessitate consistent brightness and colour at all times, whether it be for movies, photos, or web browsing.


Advantageous Connectivity with USB-C, HDMI2.0 and DisplayPort

Philips’ UltraClear 4K UHD, and QHD monitors provide single cable USB-C connection, DisplayPort, and HDMI support, with a built-in USB type-C docking station and power delivery, allowing users to charge and connect their devices at the same time, an efficient, powerful, and organized way. These exemplary models (276B1 and 326P1H) also allow DisplayPort-output functionality, allowing users to connect multiple displays daisy-chaining with just one cable, providing a clean workstation without the hassle of a mess of wires crowding the desk.

Optimized Productivity and User Comfort with Multiview Capabilities, SmartErgobase, and Flicker-free Technology

Maximizing productivity to the fullest, these Philips monitors feature Multiview capabilities. Picture-by-picture, which allows for dual systems on one screen, is ideal for security, control rooms, or users looking to enhance their collaboration abilities to the next level. Another option is Picture-in-picture mode, which allows users to watch live sports matches from a set-top box while still working on the PC. Users that require a webcam for their work may opt for models with Windows Hello pop-up webcam, such as UltraClear 4K UHD model 329P1H, an innovative and secure webcam that pops up when needed and securely tucks back in to ensure user privacy is maintained. User comfort is also of utmost importance when it comes to these Philips monitors. A variety of these monitors include SmartErgoBase, such as 279P1, 329P1H, 276B9 and 276B1, a monitor base that delivers adjustable and ergonomic display comfort alongside efficient cable management. All models also feature Flicker-free technology and LowBlue Mode to minimize any possible harm to users’ eyes, essential for users who work long hours.


Sustainable Solutions for a Better World

Philips is committed to helping the world becomes a more harmonious place for all, which is why Philips monitors are designed to be super energy efficient, providing a maximum saving. In addition, monitors use eco-friendly materials for sustainability, come in recyclable packaging, and utilize light sensors and power sensors to automatically adjust lighting and power usage respectively depending on the user’s environment in order to further maximize energy savings.

SThe Leading Display Solution for all Home and Professional Needs

Whether it is within the context of the user’s home or professional workspace, Philips remains a pioneer in delivering users what they need and desire. With beautiful visuals and amazing performance, modern connectivity options alongside features that optimize user comfort, and a vision for a greener world, Philips is guaranteed to deliver users the leading solutions for the best user experience.

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