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Pioneering the Ever-Changing World with Superior Display Solutions

Philips UltraClear 4K UHD and QHD Monitors

Professional Use

Philips MultiView Monitors Add Models 438P1 and 288E2A

The latest additions to the Philips MultiView series of monitors, the 43-inch 438P1 and 28-inch 288E2A, make it possible to have the graphical output from up to four systems displayed simultaneously on one screen, including in PbP (Picture-by-Picture) mode to monitor four separate systems on one screen.

Professional Use

Professional Clarity with User-centric Convenience

Across various professional fields, there is simply no compromise for image clarity and precision. But that is not the only demand upon high-performance monitors. They are also expected to enhance productivity, as well as offer convenience and connectivity.

Professional Use

Master Multi-tasking with MultiView

Being adept at multi-tasking is crucial in the business world. To give you an edge when you tackle multiple complex tasks, our 345B1C is an ultra-high resolution display monitor featuring MultiView technology.

Professional Use

Four Ways to Get it Done with a USB-C Monitor

In the business world, it is important to always keep up with the pace. A USB-C monitor, like the 243S9A, is well equipped to give you a great performance, while fitting the way you work and making it easier on the eyes.

Professional Use

Philips Elevates Workspace Boosts Productivity

The 346B1C and 345B1C models are high performance monitors packed with smart innovations that will become an office essential.