Four Ways to Get it Done with a USB-C Monitor
In the business world, it is important to always keep up with the pace. A USB-C monitor, like the 243S9A, is well equipped to give you a great performance, while fitting the way you work and making it easier on the eyes.

But most of all, the USB-C docking station incorporated in this monitor simplifies your connections and gives you the flexibility of working on a bigger screen via your laptop.

See your work on a bigger screen with USB-C connection.

1. Simplifies your connections

As this S Line monitor demonstrates, a display monitor with USB-C docking can be an indispensible tool for business. Offering a ton of convenience, it simplifies connections to all your different peripherals, such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, external hard drive and more via a single cable. This not only consolidates everything in one place, but significantly reduces cable clutter too.

The display also provides an easy, one cable-connection to your notebook, via a slim, reversible USB-C connector. Employing intelligent and flexible power management, this connector provides not only high-speed data transfer, but also powers up and re-charges your notebook at the same time.

Image and color accuracy are a cinch with IPS LED wide view technology.

2. Offers great performance

While this 23.8” USB-C monitor was built for convenience, its features will also help you get things done, and done well. Its IPS LED wide view technology ensures all important image and color accuracy, while the enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution offers crispness and detail. Performance and convenience come together in SmartImage presets, which are optimized image settings that you can use with ease to achieve your best viewing experience.

With LowBlue Mode, your eyes are protected from the harmful effects of blue light exposure.

3. Makes work easy-on-the eyes

We want your experience with the 243S9A monitor to be both productive and comfortable. Therefore, we have incorporated three technologies that care for your eyes; Flicker-free to lessen eye fatigue, LowBlue Mode to reduce harmful blue light, and EasyRead mode for a glare-free and paper-like reading experience.

With HDMI and DisplayPort, this USB-C monitor offers true universal digital connectivity.

4. Fits the way you work

At Philips monitors, we understand that the way you work requires easy access to universal digital connectivity, as well as maximum visuals. This display is trimmed with both HDMI and DisplayPort to help you achieve just that.

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