Philips Elevates Workspace Boosts Productivity
The 346B1C and 345B1C models are high performance monitors packed with smart innovations that will become an office essential.

Philips, a global leader in offering top-of-the-line monitors, is launching the 346B1C and 345B1C series monitors for the tech savvy workforce. The monitors are ergonomically designed to help you see more and do more because Philips truly understands and pride ourselves on creating displays that can greatly optimize performance in the office. The latest models are 34’’ curved monitors that boast UltraWide displays. Its CrystalClear WQHD display coupled with 21:9 aspect ratio provide a wrap-around view of your work that maximizes workspace while minimizing the hassle. The screens also have the flexibility of being mounted and offers tilt, swivel and height-adjust to suit every need.

Giving you the ultimate workstation

It’s all about business when it comes to the latest duo launch. The monitors have VA display which shows the best color contrast and image depth giving your eyes a treat of vibrant colors and clearer imagery. This presents viewers with a sharper fuller and more vivid viewing experience. Bid farewell to switching tabs or constant scrolling through your work with the MultiView function which enables dual connect and viewing from multiple devices. The 21:9 ultra-wide display is not only larger and wider, but maintains the same height as a 27” display, accommodating 30% more content on-screen.

The monitors also provide Adaptive-Sync technology delivering a fluid, smooth and ultra-fast response, making it ideal for graphic designers, professional gamers and office workers alike. Philips’ flicker-free technology controls the LED-backlit screens which greatly reduces eye fatigue after prolonged use. The displays’ LowBlue Mode and EasyRead Mode are subtle features that speak volumes as you become more comfortable and productive in front of the screen. It significantly reduces harmful shortwave blue lights and adjusts the brightness of the screen into a soft, papery-hue with darker text for extended on-screen reading.

An efficient and sustainable display

Philips is committed to protecting the environment. With the built in Power Sensor that utilizes harmless infrared technology, it can smartly detect a user’s presence and would automatically reduce the brightness when the user steps away. This would help reduce the energy cost by up to 80%, prolonging the monitor life whilst lessening the impact of the environment. The 345B1C is built with a LightSensor feature that can automatically adjust picture brightness to suit room light conditions, rendering perfect images with minimal power usage.

Exceptional Connectivity

In addition to the core attributes, the 346B1C features a MultiClient Integrated KVM switch that is built to allow users to control two separate PCs with just one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up. It allows users to switch the source of input with just one simple click. It also has USB type-C docking station that easily connects a laptop, allowing for high-resolution video playback and transfer data at super speed, all while powering up and recharging your laptop simultaneously.  

Allowing seamless workflow to increase productivity

The 345B1C offers the same 34-inch crystal WQHD display and ergonomic design, with DisplayPort, dual HDMI ports to enable the MultiView for dual connect and view. Whilst the 346B1C is packaged for all-round productivity, the 345B1C is great option for users that have conservative business needs. Having a top-of-the-line monitor is quintessential for all workers to produce quality work. The smallest upgrade can make the biggest difference in productivity. Philips knows the essentials needed for that extra boost. The latest models are especially designed to improve user experience with utmost comfort. The monitors will be the perfect addition to the office because creating a productive workspace starts with having the right monitor.

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