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Professional Use

Unconstrained UltraWide View at 21:9 Aspect Ratio

A panoramic view to see more, do better.

Professional Use

Three Things You Should Know About this UltraWide Monitor

Featuring outstanding visuals, productivity-enhancing USB-C and secure pop-up webcam with Windows Hello™, the 346P1CRH was created to help you master every task.

Professional Use

The Various Uses of Philips MultiView

To help you make the most out of our UltraWide, SuperWide and UltraClear 4K UHD monitors, we have included Philips MultiView, a feature that enables you to have up to four systems on one screen.

Professional Use

Philips MultiView Monitors Add Models 438P1 and 288E2A

The latest additions to the Philips MultiView series of monitors, the 43-inch 438P1 and 28-inch 288E2A, make it possible to have the graphical output from up to four systems displayed simultaneously on one screen, including in PbP (Picture-by-Picture) mode to monitor four separate systems on one screen.

Professional Use

Five Reasons to Upgrade to this UltraWide Monitor

Dreaming about a larger screen space that will help you multitask at work? Maybe the time has come for you to upgrade your setup to an UltraWide display.

Home Use

Guide to Assemble UltraWide Curved Series Monitor

Assembling a new display may sound like a tough task. Not to worry! Read this simple guide if you have a new UltraWide curved series monitor. Understanding these Dos and Don’ts will surely help you get your new monitor up and running in no time.

Professional Use

Eight Philips Monitors Features to Power Up Your Business Productivity

Staying productive can be tough, but with the right display monitor, like the 346B1C, it can get much easier. This 34” monitor from our B Line is packed with features to help you see more and do more.

Professional Use

An UltraWide 21:9 Monitor for Optimal Working Conditions

As a business owner, it’s imperative for you to have a display monitor that helps you create optimal working conditions. Choosing the right business monitor isn’t just going to make work more of a breeze, it can also keep you on top of things.