Eight Philips Monitors Features to Power Up Your Business Productivity
Staying productive can be tough, but with the right display monitor, like the 346B1C, it can get much easier. This 34” monitor from our B Line is packed with features to help you see more and do more.

This includes a curved UltraWide 21:9 format display with CrystalClear images in WQHD that enables you to capture the detail, accuracy and consistency required in professional applications. This model is also trimmed with a built-in USB-C docking station that enables all-in-one connectivity with power transfer. And with a host of features for ergonomics and wellbeing, this display offers productivity that is more comfortable and easier on the eyes.

Enjoy the extra space and clarity of this UltraWide 21:9 monitor with CrystalClear WQHD resolution.

1. Capture the details with the UltraWide 21:9 format

With a display that measures 34”and an UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio, the 346B1C monitor gives you more screen space to explore and develop your business ideas. Images are presented in CrystalClear WQHD resolution, with 3440 x 1440 pixels, enabling you to capture every detail with the accuracy and consistency required in professional applications.

2. Take it all in with a curved display

To give you a wrap-around view of your work, this display monitor is curved with a 1500 radius. The main benefit of curved monitors is the level of immersion that they can provide. The subtle angles of curved monitors cater to our natural field of view and visual perception, therefore making images feel more life-like. The immersion is enhanced further with this model’s VA display, which delivers awesome images with wide viewing angles.

Manage your connections with this monitor’s USB-C docking station.

3. USB-C for connectivity and power delivery in one

If you often work remotely on your notebook while travelling for business matters, you will appreciate the convenient connectivity that this B Line monitor offers. Trimmed with a built-in USB-C docking station, it enables a fuss-free connection to your notebook via a single USB-C cable. This slim cable is reversible, making it easier to plug in every time. It also enables you to watch high-resolution videos and transfer super-speed data, while your notebook is powered and re-charged simultaneously. The USB-C docking station also simplifies connections to office peripherals, like your keyboard, mouse, and RJ-45 Ethernet cable, making this monitor your personal work hub.

4. Complex multi-tasking with MultiView

Multi-tasking is an important part of staying productive in the business world, and with Philips’ MultiView technology, even complex tasks become easier to manage. Enabling dual connect and view, the MultiView feature enables you to work with multiple devices at the same time. For example, you could follow a live news feed on your PC while browsing the Internet on your notebook at the same time.

Explore multi-tasking possibilities with this monitor’s MultiClient Integrated KVM Switch.

5. Have more control with the MultiClient Integrated KVM Switch

If your business demands a set up with the computing power of two PCs, or if you need one large monitor to be shared between two PCs, why not control it all with just one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up? With this monitor’s MultiClient Integrated KVM switch, you only need to press a button to quickly and effortlessly switch between two sources.

6. Eye care technologies for productivity that is easy on the eyes

You do not need to sacrifice your eye comfort and wellbeing to get things done for your growing business. In fact, we believe that increased comfort can naturally enhance your productivity in both the short and long term. We have incorporated in the 346B1C monitor eye care features like Flicker-free technology to reduce eye fatigue, and LowBlue Mode to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. To give you a pleasant, paper-like reading experience, there is also EasyRead mode.

This monitor’s adjustable stand and VESA mount provide flexibility.

7. Optimize your user experience

The physical positioning of a display monitor can have a significant impact on how you work and your level of productivity. To help you achieve optimal working conditions, this monitor comes with an ergonomically-designed stand that can tilt, swivel and height-adjust for your ideal viewing position. The addition of a VESA mount provides even more flexibility for your ideal setup.

Reduce your business’ carbon footprint and energy costs with PowerSensor.

8. Cost-saving sustainability

Being socially responsible and sustainable is another form of productivity for today’s businesses. To help you achieve your goals, the 346B1C monitor was designed for sustainability. This TCO and RoHS-certified monitor features 100% recyclable packaging material. It is also equipped with energy-efficient features, like PowerSensor, which reduces screen brightness when you step away and LightSensor, which adjusts screen brightness to the room’s lighting conditions. With up to 70% saving on energy use and costs, it is no wonder why this monitor has an EnergyStar 8.0 rating. To ensure its eco-friendliness, it is also built to be free of toxins like Mercury, Lead, PVC and BFR to create a healthier working environment in your office.

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