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Home Use

MultiView Display That Integrates Work and Play

Philips Monitors 279E1EW is a true multi-tasking display.

Professional Use

Pioneering the Ever-Changing World with Superior Display Solutions

Philips UltraClear 4K UHD and QHD Monitors

Home Use

Stunning Visuals with Quantum Dot Technology

If your line of work demands precise visuals, a Philips display monitor with UltraClear 4K UHD resolution will do the job perfectly.


A Gaming Monitor That Piques the Senses

Philips Monitors is ready to take you to the next level of console gaming, with its large and in charge 558M1RY display. Measuring a stunning 55 inches, this massive display delivers the image precision of UltraClear 4K UHD with the optimal viewing of SmartImage HDR.

Professional Use

Five Ways this Monitor Can Unleash Your Business Potential

Encased in a simple yet elegant design, the 288E2A certainly looks the part of a stylish and dependable office monitor.

Professional Use

The Various Uses of Philips MultiView

To help you make the most out of our UltraWide, SuperWide and UltraClear 4K UHD monitors, we have included Philips MultiView, a feature that enables you to have up to four systems on one screen.

Professional Use

Philips MultiView Monitors Add Models 438P1 and 288E2A

The latest additions to the Philips MultiView series of monitors, the 43-inch 438P1 and 28-inch 288E2A, make it possible to have the graphical output from up to four systems displayed simultaneously on one screen, including in PbP (Picture-by-Picture) mode to monitor four separate systems on one screen.

Home Use

Simply Stunning UltraClear UHD

When it comes to a display monitor’s picture quality, there should be no compromise. This is why 4K2K, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), has become an industry standard that is much sought after in businesses and homes.

Home Use

Philips E2 4-sided Borderless Displays

Visual clarity and simplicity for all users.

Home Use

Four Ways This Award-Winning Monitor Combines the Best in Design and Detail

At Philips Monitors, we pride ourselves in delivering displays that combine good design with clever details, to give you the best of both worlds.