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Introducing 27" Monitors With 100Hz Refresh Rates

These monitors refresh at a maximum of 100 times per second.

Professional Use

Why Philips’ Eye Care Technologies Should Be Part of Your Workplace

When acquiring display monitors for your team, work demands usually dictate the type of monitor that each staff member gets.


Great for Work, Fun for Gaming

Today’s display monitors face a tall order. They must be capable of helping you to tackle complex tasks and get your best work done, as well as enable you to get the most out of your favorite games and modes of entertainment.

Home Use

Three Reasons Why Frameless is Fantastic

Stylish and functional, our 4-sided frameless display, the 275E2F, is designed for multiple applications. But there are three main reasons why this frameless monitor stands out in a crowd – it is aesthetically pleasing, offers seamless viewing and is great for multi-monitor setups. Beyond that, it is packed with features for great performance, including IPS LED, 1ms and SmartContrast.

Home Use

Crystalclear Images in QHD

There are two main things that immediately stand out in our Philips Moda or 276C8 monitor. First is its superb, award-winning design and second, being its stand-out visuals. This 27” monitor’s impressive picture quality is due to its Crystalclear Quad HD resolution and high-performance panels with a high-density pixel count of 2560 x 1440.

Professional Use

Top 4 Display Monitor Features Optimized for Creators

As our world rapidly shifts to an economy based on information technology, the demand for digital content and its creation has become more intense.

Home Use

Four Ways This Award-Winning Monitor Combines the Best in Design and Detail

At Philips Monitors, we pride ourselves in delivering displays that combine good design with clever details, to give you the best of both worlds.