Introducing 27" Monitors With 100Hz Refresh Rates
These monitors refresh at a maximum of 100 times per second.

   2023/05/10  |  MMDInnovationHub

Ready to level up your gaming? Upgrade to a 27" monitor. But don't stop at the display size. There's more to consider when it comes to enhancing the gaming experience.

There's resolution, of course. With more pixels per inch of an image displayed, like Quad HD (2560 x 1440px), the crisper the images onscreen.

Gamers, however, need higher-quality visuals because they're watching moving images. And this is not dependent on resolution alone.

The refresh rate - or the number of times a screen refreshes per second is equally crucial. The higher the number, the smoother the gameplay.

refresh rate comparison Refresh rate – the number of times per second images update onscreen – impacts the gaming experience.

No lags or tearing

When playing with the correct refresh rate, expect minimal to no lags - or stuttering - and tearing. A common problem is delayed input lag or the time it takes for a command given on a device like keyboard or mouse to translate into action on screen. A higher refresh rate addresses creating a more immersive experience. And that's not playing on a widescreen yet.

The minimum recommended refresh rate for gaming is 60Hz. But if you're getting serious about playing, it's time to go higher. While there are monitors with a refresh rate of 75Hz, going with 100Hz is better, given that graphics used in games are becoming more complex.

You want to keep up and get ahead of the enemy. You need to anticipate and knock them out quicker. If your screen changes as fast as the images update, winning or an impressive score is possible.

Remember, if you're aiming to qualify for competitive gaming, you want to see more information at the same time it flashes onscreen. And a 100Hz refresh rate will help do that for you.

There are even higher refresh rates, but it's usually a feature for bigger-sized displays. When you're ready for the next step up, then consider 120Hz, 144Hz, or even 240Hz.

Always remember higher refresh rates perform optimally when the graphics card can support this speed.

Suitable models

Meanwhile, what are the choices if you want a 27" monitor with a refresh rate of 100Hz?

Here are two gaming models with more to come. 275V8LB and 27E1N5500LB are both 27" and have a maximum refresh rate of 100Hz. They share other features tailored to ramp up the gaming experience.

Picture quality is top-notch. Both are QHD, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and deliver CrystalClear images. Whether connecting via HDMI, DisplayPort, or Dual link DVI, expect the graphics and images displayed on the monitor to come alive.

Philips Monitors 27E1N5500LB Philips Monitors 27E1N5500LB is a 27” model with 100Hz refresh rate suited for avid gamers.

Technology for gaming

Another shared feature to enhance visual quality is the use of SmartControl technology. It analyzes displayed content, then automatically adjusts colors to control backlight intensity for better contrast when watching videos or movies and playing games.

If used for regular office applications, you can switch to Economy mode. Here, color is adjusted and backlighting fine-tuned, so the display appears just right, and power consumption is lower.

The SmartImage technology complements this. It offers several game modes (FPS - First Person Shooting; Racing; and RTS - Real Time Shooting), where the gaming display adjusts accordingly in terms of brightness and contrast, ensuring your best performance.

And since gamers spend extended hours in front of the screen, integrated are technologies to protect against eye strain and fatigue like LowBlue mode and Flicker-free.

LowBlue Mode on 275V8LB LowBlue mode is one feature in Philips Monitors’ gaming displays to protect the eyes from strain and fatigue.

For viewing comfort, the 27E1N5500LB uses a people-friendly Compact Ergo Base that is capable of tilting and swiveling and is height-adjustable, while the 275V8LB is able to tilt the screen -5/20 degree.

Finally, even non-gamers will find both 27" models suitable for regular applications (creating documents, spreadsheets, editing photos, and simple videos) and leisure gaming. It has an EasyRead feature so reading even voluminous text or complicated spreadsheets is not a hardship.

More similar-sized monitors with upgraded features are being rolled out in the coming months, like the 27E1N1100B and 271V8B. This only means more choices for consumers looking for mid-size displays suited for both work and play.

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