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Boosting Efficiency During Online Meetings

Online meetings and Zoom calls are part and parcel of work these days, as we continue to maintain physical distancing among colleagues and clients alike.

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Philips First to Market a Monitor with Thunderbolt™ 4 Support

In a coup for Philips, its monitor line-up is first out of the gate with a display for the very latest laptops equipped with Thunderbolt™ 4 – launching the new 27-inch 279P2MRX mini-LED backlight monitor.

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Top 5 Advantages of a USB-C Monitor for Business

The use of display monitors with USB-C connectors is becoming more widespread as they are ideal for businesses of all types.

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Crisp and Efficient Monitor for Photographers

In order to bring the images they capture to life, photographers require a display monitor that offers prioritized resolution, color accuracy, consistent brightness and contrast.

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Essential Features for Daily Business Productivity

Today’s business monitor must not only be reliable, they must also provide essential features that will enable office workers to work comfortably, while enhancing their daily productivity.

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Three Things You Should Know About this UltraWide Monitor

Featuring outstanding visuals, productivity-enhancing USB-C and secure pop-up webcam with Windows Hello™, the 346P1CRH was created to help you master every task.

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Expand Your Productivity with Fully Immersive 4K Screens

Clarity is paramount to every field of expertise, especially those that depend on extreme visual precision, such as designers, as well as finance and healthcare professionals.

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Philips CCTV Monitors for Surveillance Systems

Enforcing security in a large many-roomed building or a vast shopping center requires sophisticated and professional surveillance system utilizing CCTVs.

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Features That Make This Business Monitor Stand Out

Is a Full HD monitor with all the basic features enough for the average office worker?

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Philips Monitors Vietnam Buzz

It was a busy time for our team at Philips Monitors Vietnam these past few months.