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Philips optimum curvature 1000R monitors

   2022/01/19  |  MMDInnovationHub

Representing the deepest level of curvature out of all the available curved monitors on the market, curved 1000R displays are game changers, featuring an ideal curve design that most closely matches the human eye's depth perception and viewing angle. Philips'curved 1000R monitors synergize this technology with incredible features. Beyond providing users deeper immersion, a larger field of view, and a more comfortable viewing experience, Philips' curved 1000R monitors also include high resolutions, HDR, and superior refresh and response rates, to deliver users the most enthralling level of immersion with exceptional 1000R models from the Philips Momentum Gaming and Philips E Line series. These wide curved displays come paired with the latest Windows 11 features and enhancements, resulting in displays that provide incredible performance for both work and entertainment, making these curved 1000R monitors the go-to product for users who want complete submersion into their own digital world.


What Does 1000R Stand For?

The “R” stands for radius, while “1000” refers to the measurement in millimeters. A 1000R curved monitor would form a perfect circle of 1m, with a radius of 1000mm. A larger R number means a less pronounced curvature.

Curved Display Design with Superb Visual Performance

Philips' curved 1000R displays provide a more intimate and personal user experience, wrapping around your field of view perfectly to offer an entrancing immersion effect. This increased field of view, combined with the displays' other immersive features, provide increased productivity for tasks, as well as a captivating visual extension for entertainment such as movies or gaming. Users can also enjoy the luxury of less neck and eye strain, with Philips' curved 1000R monitors providing excellent peripheral vision that is designed to be perfect for human eyes. Philips' curved 1000R monitors supplements this incredible immersive experience further by providing large resolutions, with E Line offering resolutions of up to Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels (271E2C and 322E2GCEZ) and Momentum Gaming offering resolution of up to WQHD 3440 x 1440 pixels (345M2CRZ). These curved 1000R models are also dedicated to providing users captivating qualities for brightness and color, with the E Line series offering ultra wide-color technology that provides a wider and more vivid spectrum of colors, and Momentum Gaming featuring SmartImage HDR for automatic screen optimization depending on the users' task. All Philips' curved 1000R models feature high performance curved VA panels with high-density pixel count, significantly enhancing the exceptional standards curved 1000R displays already offer.


The Ideal Solution for Complete Entertainment Immersion

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience and deepest level of immersion Philips' curved 1000R monitors provide. Movies or videos are not just displayed beautifully with exceptional video quality, gamers can also enjoy Philips's curved 1000R models exceptional features for intense gaming, such as low input lag, AMD FreesSync Premium, and SmartImage Game mode. The increased field of view provided by 1000R displays also match users' natural vision perfectly, making these displays primed for spatial awareness and reaction time in gaming, allowing you to dominate the competition. To top it off, models in both the E Line and Momentum Gaming feature astounding refresh rates and response times, with most models featuring 165 Hz gaming and 1 ms MPRT fast response, along with the Momentum 275M2CRP raising the bar another level with ultra-fast 240 Hz refresh rate and 0.5 ms MPRT fast response.

The Optimal Curved Display for Work and Entertainment

Whether you need to work long hours or lose yourself in your own digital universe, Philips' curved 1000R monitors provide the ultimate solution for productivity, outstanding performance, and complete immersion. With exquisite designs to ensure users are as comfortable as possible in regard to both the viewing experience and user interface, Philips' curved 1000R monitors provide a complete package that pays attention to all the user's needs. Philips offers these E line and Momentum Gaming series of curved 1000R monitors to align with their brand commitment of continuous product innovation and always delivering customers the best of the best. Philips will continue to examine and pioneer new ways to deliver customers a novel and outstanding user experience.

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