Philips Unveils New 558M1RY Momentum Display
Taking home entertainment and console gaming to the next level with immersion-focused features.

Philips Monitors has unveiled a new display, the 558M1RY, as part of its entertainment-focused Momentum line of high-end monitors. The display is designed to engage the senses in full, with stunning visuals, crisp sound and beautiful lighting. It was designed to bring value and joy to all users, but with special appeal to home cinema enthusiasts and console gamers.

Engage the senses withsights and sounds

Two key features put the 558M1RY above most displays for delivering top tier entertainment experiences: Philips Ambiglow, and speakers with sound by audio experts Bowers & Wilkins.

To enhance immersion, Ambiglow creates a halo of light from the monitor that automatically adjusts to the color of what’s being played on screen.Imagine exploring the ocean in a diving documentary, with shades of blue seeping into the room around you – or seeing the entire room light up as you deliver a finishing KO combo in your favorite fighting game.

A sophisticated sound system by Bowers & Wilkins with six sound modes tailored for atmosphere, impact and EQ levels for total user enjoyment:Sport & Racing, RPG & Adventure, Shooting & Action, Movie Watching,Music, and Personal for customizable settings. To ensure the high sound quality is heard in its purest form, the soundbar on the display is covered with premium wool-blend, acoustically transparent speaker fabric created by renowned manufacturer Kvadrat.

Delight the eyes and inspire the mind

At its core, this display is wholly focused on delivering an immersive and engaging home entertainment experience. This is delivered via a SmartImage HDR-empowered 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160, and a faster-than-average 120Hz refresh rate for an unrivalled blend of awe-inspiring visuals and silky-smooth motion.

DisplayHDR 1000 produces astonishing brightness, contrast and colors,with its potential for lifelike images fully reached with the help of local dimming and peak brightness of up to 1000 nits. This is enhanced by SmartImage HDR providing a variety of HDR-supported settings optimized for home entertainment use – like HDR Game, HDR Movie, HDR Photo, and other personalized customization options.

These features are ideal for enthusiastic gamers; movie or TV series lovers; keen followers of art and photography, or anyone else with similar enthusiasm for taking their visual media experience to the next level. Let the immersive world of a console RPG adventure take you into a new reality, or a classic romantic film captivate your emotions with every detail, facial expression and color shown in utmost clarity.

Other features

In addition to the immersive entertainment experience, the display is also equipped with other essentials:

Flicker-free technology protects the eyes from sustained exposure to screen flicker and reduces eye fatigue.

Gaming performance is enhanced via LowInput Lag, which reduces the time delay between input device to monitor, leading to an overall smoother experience and feeling of perfect responsiveness.

MultiView technology makes it so that multiple devices (e.g. PC and laptop) can be connected to the screen simultaneously for smoother and convenient multitasking.

Three HDMI ports allow connectivity of multiple consoles to the screen for more efficient gaming. There is no need to plug or unplug devices each time switching from one console to another.

Philips will remain committed to delivering a world-class viewing experience to users allover the world – especially with the Momentum line of displays designed for ultimate immersion and entertainment.

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