Five Features that Make 439P9H1 Stand Out
The thing that immediately stands out in our 439P9H1 monitor is its impressive size. Measuring 43.4”, this 32:10 SuperWide curved LCD display boasts the power of two high-performance monitors in one.

However, there is so much more than meets the eye. This model is also packed with a host of powerful features for optimal connectivity and convenience, lifelike visuals, eye care, fluid gaming and more. Let us break down the five standout features of this Philips Brilliance monitor.

This 32:10 SuperWide LCD display combines the power of two high-performance monitors in one.

The power of two in one

High-performance monitors are great, but what if you needed more? The 439P9H1 monitor is a 32:10 SuperWide LCD display with a 3840 x 1200 resolution. It gives you the combined power of two high-performance monitors in one, easily replacing dual 16:10 monitors without the hassle of a complicated setup. Its innovative 1800r curved display also offers benefits like more immersion, less image distortion, a wider field of view, less glare and added comfort for the eyes.

Images come to vivid life with DisplayHDR 400.

Life-like visuals

With so much screen space to offer, this P Line monitor ensures a visual experience that engages the senses with the incorporation of DisplayHDR 400. This VESA-certified innovation is capable of producing astonishing brightness, contrast and colors. Rendering a fuller palette of rich new colors, with global dimming and peak brightness of up-to 400 nits, this technology makes your images come to life with notable highlights, while featuring deeper, more nuanced blacks.

This monitor’s USB-C docking station opens up a world of connectivity.

Optimal connectivity and convenience

A built-in USB-C docking station has become a must-have feature for high-performance display monitors. Acting as a hub, it simplifies connections to all your peripherals, like keyboard, mouse and RJ-45 Ethernet cable.

You will also enjoy the convenience of easy, one-cable docking for your notebook, with this monitor’s slim and reversible USB-C connector. This single cable not only transfers data at super speed and enables you to watch high-resolution videos. It will also power up and re-charge your notebook at the same time, eliminating any concerns about the battery running out.

This monitor’s MultiClient Integrated KVM switch allows you to quickly switch between sources with the press of a button.

Switch easily between sources

The expansive Phillips Brilliance monitor can certainly take the place of two smaller display monitors, but what if you needed twice the computing power? This monitor’s MultiClient Integrated KVM switch enables you to control two separate PCs using one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up. All you need to do to switch between sources is press a button. And just like that, you can view data from two different PCs on one large monitor.

MultiView helps you accomplish complex multi-tasking.

Work on multiple devices at once

When deadlines draw near and projects are due, the ability to multi-task can be a life saver. But at times, it can get increasingly complex. To ease things for you, this monitor features MultiView, which enables active dual connect and view. With the flexibility to work with multiple devices, like your PC and notebook at the same time, there is so much more you can achieve.

Bonus features!

We promised to show you five main features of the 439P9H1 monitor, but we can’t let you go without sharing just a few more of its bonus features. To help safeguard your vision, this well-rounded monitor includes eye care technologies like Flicker-free for less eye fatigue and LowBlue Mode that provides easy on-the-eyes productivity. Meanwhile, its Adaptive-Sync technology offers smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time for gaming that is both more fluid and fun.

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