Philips Monitors Unveils New Gaming E1G Series
Experience a thrilling ‘work smart, play hard’ lifestyle with powerful gaming and practical productivity specs.


Philips monitors have always believed in delivering high quality user experiences and helping people achieve their dreams. The newest gaming E1G series presents accessible displays for those who want high performance in their home entertainment with gaming-ready specs, and small home business users who want a mix of entertainment and productivity together. The gaming E1G series is perfect for those with a passion for gaming and preserving their work-life balance.

freesync E1G

Play hard: Equipped to deliver champion-level gaming performance

Work-life balance is important for living a healthy and aspirational lifestyle. Meanwhile, gaming has also surged to new heights of popularity. The gaming E1G series displays are designed to serve the needs of game-loving “prosumers”, delivering strong gaming and convenient home productivity features. Users can effortlessly switch between both modes depending on their mood or schedule.

For gaming, the displays come with features like a 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rate in line with e-sports standards, AMD FreeSync anti-tearing, and 1ms response time. Aspiring gamers with a competitive spirit to “play hard” and reach the top will be empowered to climb the ranks of any genre – crisp visuals, no stuttering and minimized motion blur ensures users will be equipped to reach the top.

Instantly react to every animation in a hectic MOBA team fight while shooting off precisely-aimed skill shots, fire your sniper rifle shot faster than your enemies on a clutch 1 vs 1 showdown in an FPS, or land your finisher combo with pixel-perfect precision in your favourite fighting game from just the right distance at just the right moment. Play with the best from the comfort of home.

165 1ms

Work smart: Make it easier to get things done

For more general home use, 144Hz and above refresh rates also provide a high-quality, “smarter” working experience to get things done easier and faster – moving the cursor to drag windows, launching applications or participating in video conference calls will all feel smoother than 60Hz displays. It’s something that needs to be experienced first-hand.


The gaming E1G series also comes in a sleek 3-sided borderless design, with some models empowered by user-friendly features like excellent built-in speakers, or tilt and height adjustable stands. Built-in speakers can save desk space by eliminating the need to buy external devices, while the adjustable stand makes it easy to position the monitor in the most comfortable angle to work. Most home monitors in the market don’t come with adjustable stands, but with the gaming E1G series’ design, users can enjoy more flexibility to multi-task or arrange their workspace – such as making it easier to manage two screens or devices (e.g. laptop and PC) at once.


Models and features

The gaming E1G series all come in Full HD resolution with a VA display panel. In terms of gaming, they meet the e-sports standard of having up to 165Hz refresh rates, anti-tearing technology, and a 1ms response time – while also having Philips’ SmartImage game mode for custom optimizations. Flicker-Free and Low Blue Mode help preserve eye health, while Ultra Wide-Color offers a more enriching picture to bring joy and immersion to all users.

242E1GSJ and 272E1GSJ: The essential models, in 23.8” and 27” respectively with 144Hz and 3-sided borderless, which come with all the core features “prosumers” need for a fulfilling work and play experience.

242E1GAJ and 272E1GAJ: These models in 23.8” and 27” having 144Hz and 3-sided borderless, come with additional built-in speakers. This saves desk space and allows for a more fulfilling multimedia experience in gaming or any profession that would require audio, like video editing.

242E1GEZ and 272E1GEZ: 23.8” and 27” gaming models with tilt and height adjustment, 165Hz refresh rate – ideal for those that might be more serious about their game aspirations than their peers.

242E1GAEZ and 272G1GAEZ: 23.8” and 27” leading models. In addition to a 165Hz refresh rate and tilt and height adjustment base, they are better equipped with speakers to serve more complicated or multi-task heavy home office needs.

产品图 E1G

Philips gaming and modern living

Gaming has grown in popularity, and people demand higher quality gaming devices more than ever. The growing trend of home office working, flexible work setups, and digital businesses have also made multi-purpose monitors that deliver work-life balance more relevant. The gaming E1G series encapsulates the coming together of these trends – users can now enjoy a thrilling gaming experience while being empowered to work productivity and efficiently when needed.

Philips has always supported people in achieving their personal aspirations, and has a history of designing products that help people. Going forward, Philips will continue to innovate in ways that matter to people and can positively impact people’s lives.

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