Philips E2 4-sided Borderless Displays
Visual clarity and simplicity for all users.


Philips’ history of innovation and evolution has empowered the creation of displays that offer smart innovations, vivid imagery, and timeless style. Moreover, Philips understands the importance of being in touch with people’s needs. Amid the increasingly digitalized age where more people may wish to work and play on the same device, 21:9 monitors have started to shine. Due to their design and features, Philips 21:9 monitors are often good for productivity and home entertainment (e.g. gaming or movies) alike and offer a dual solution.

Philips B1 & P1 series come fully equipped with high quality visuals, while also providing ultimate convenience – such as energy saving features to reduce power costs, or advanced productivity features like a KVM switch with MultiView, or built-in USB docking. Philips E2 series also deliver a stunning picture with a fine balance of work and play, such as by having both cable management design elements as well as gaming enhancements (e.g. AMD FreeSync, SmartImage game mode).

Philips 21:9 offers increased viewing area without compromising comfort

In line with the Philips tradition of paying attention to user needs, Philips 21:9 screens are efficiently designed, offering a 30% increase in viewing space over Full HD displays while remaining at comfortable and intuitive heights and sizes for most desk spaces.


From a productivity standpoint, there is more space to put browsers and applications side-by-side. Imagine a business writer being able to check real-time news or detailed market information while writing live updates, without needing to alt tab. Or running a photo editing app next to a video editing app – edit the photos and test how it looks as part of an animation. Without multi-tasking, one can even get a wider view of just one app. See more columns on a spreadsheet and a longer video editing timeline without having to shrink what you see.


Furthermore, Philips 21:9 monitors in come bundled with Philips MultiView split-screen software to make working on multiple devices comfortable and easy. Use Picture-by-Picture (PbP), 2 or 4 screens on one screen to control rooms or security uses, or Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) with two visual feeds (e.g. watch a live news programme while working on administrative tasks on a word processor, all on one screen). The options are endless.


Easy on the eyes, a beauty to behold

For entertainment, Philips 21:9 ultra-wide resolutions provide a more “cinematic” and immersive gaming experience without being too stressful on the graphics card. In addition to being supported by many games, Philips 21:9 monitor is also at times supported by movies, which delivers a more engaging picture.

Moreover, Philips 21:9 displays put picture quality first. Ultra Wide-Color delivers a wider spectrum of colours for a more brilliant picture, with a colour gamut that produces more natural looking-greens, vivid reds, and deeper blues. This will make movies and games feel more “lifelike” as the screen serves as a gateway for the viewer to immerse themselves in another reality. All screens are also equipped with Flicker-Free and Low Blue Mode to ensure the eyes do not tire or experience any strain after viewing content for a substantial amount of time.


The displays:

346P1CRH: 34” UltraWide curved display with QHD resolution, DisplayHDR 400 and Adaptive Sync offers crisp visuals, while saving up to 70% of energy costs with PowerSensor – perfect for professional-grade picture and video performance. MultiView, USB-C docking, a built-in KVM switch and more give users the tools they need to operate productively.

345B1C: 34” curved display provides an array of connectivity options including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.2 and more. Saves energy costs with energy-efficient features and has Adaptive-Sync for those who wish to use this display for both work and gaming.

346B1C: 34” curved display in QHD resolution delivers high-end work performance with features like a built-in KVM switch to swap between monitor inputs, MultiView for connecting multiple devices, a built-in USB-C docking station, and TUV-certified eye protection. Meanwhile, Adaptive-Sync and stunning visual quality add extra enjoyment to any digital home entertainment option.

292E2AE: 29” display in Wide Full HD resolution delivers stunning visual quality with IPS LED wide view technology for higher image and colour accuracy. For leisure, it comes with gaming optimizations like 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync. For efficient use of desk space, it comes with VESA compatibility, built-in speakers, cable management and more.

345E2AE: 34” display in UltraWide QHD resolution is built for productivity and gaming alike. Enjoy high quality eye protection, cable management, and built-in stereo speakers to save on desk space. After work, features like SmartImage game mode allows for optimized gaming performance for various game genres.

342E2E: 34” display in UltraWide Full HD resolution empowered by Ultra Wide-Color presents vivid, colourful images. Equipped for entertainment with AMD FreeSync, 1ms response time, SmartImage game mode, and more for crisp gaming and motion graphic quality. Eye Protection and cable management further deliver comfort and convenience.

343E2E: 34” display in UltraWide Full HD resolution equipped for entertainment and comfort with 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync anti-tearing, eye protection, tilt and height-adjustability and more. Other features empower users for productivity and flexibility with USB-C docking capabilities, cable management, and MultiView for multitasking work and play productively.

Philips innovation and adapting to the times

In an increasingly digitalized age, with more time on the computer, people need better performance. A pure gaming display might not be good enough for getting work done quickly, and a basic business monitor might lack the visual quality needed for one to genuinely enjoy home entertainment.

Philips 21:9 monitors displays provide business performance that can surpass many of those at offices, while also meeting home entertainment needs (e.g. gaming) better than some internet café screens. Users can rest easy knowing that, in one device, they are well-equipped to fulfil their professional duties and satisfy their needs for game or film entertainment. This is the essence of what Philips will continue to strive for – delivering useful technological products and solutions that meet people’s needs even amid changing times.

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