Wide Open Possibilities with a 32:9 SuperWide Monitor
Clever design, high performance and outstanding features come together in the 498P9Z Philips Monitor.

Combining the power of two high-performance monitors in one, our award-winning 498P9Z monitor offers you wide open possibilities. Measuring 48.8" in screen size, this 32:9 SuperWide curved display easily replaces multiscreen setups. It's also ideal for entertainment or design creation, delivering lifelike visuals and a smooth viewing experience thanks to features like Dual QHD, DisplayHDR 400, 165Hz refresh rate, Adaptive-Sync technology and so much more.

Expands your horizons

One of the biggest benefits of using a large monitor is the ability to expand the possibilities of what you can see and do. With our 498P9Z, which measures an expansive 48.8" in Dual QHD resolution (5120 x 1440 px), the extra screen space not only ramps up your visual experience, but your productivity too.  

With its 32:9 SuperWide screen, this monitor takes the place of two high-performance monitors in one.

With its outstanding 32:9 SuperWide screen, this P Line monitor easily takes the place of two high-performance monitors in one. And with that, gone are your days of tricky multi-screen setups.

Its curvature provides an immersive viewing experience.

Effortlessly stylish, this monitor is also curved with an 1800 radius, to ensure more immersive, wrap-around viewing, but with less image distortion, a wider field of view, reduced glare, and more comfort for the eyes.

For multi-tasking and smooth action

Equipped with MultiView, this SuperWide monitor enables you to tackle complex multi-tasking with ease, thanks to its simultaneous dual connect and view. Meanwhile, its DisplayHDR 400 delivers life-like and colorful visuals that are perfect for professional applications.

Enjoy life-like and colorful visuals with DisplayHDR 400.

To give you the smoothest experience, for design creation and entertainment alike, this model features Adaptive-Sync technology and 165Hz refresh rates for effortlessly ultra-smooth action and brilliant images.

Works with and for you

Bearing in mind comfort and convenience, this SuperWide monitor was also designed to complement the way you work. Its built-in KVM switch, for example, enables you to easily switch between sources. This means you can control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up.

Switch between sources easily with the Built-in KVM switch.

And to keep your eyes happy and healthy, this monitor includes Flicker-free technology for less eye fatigue and LowBlue Mode, which reduces the ill effects of short-wave blue light. You can also tilt, swivel and height-adjust this monitor’s stand for your ideal viewing position.

The 498P9Z has won two awards to date for its exceptional design.

Award-winning design

The 498P9Z monitor is a recipient of two international awards. The iF Design award is a seal of quality for exceptional design and a symbol that consumers can trust, while the Red Dot award stands for belonging to the best in design and business. These accolades are a testament to this monitor’s ultimate picture fidelity, screen format and maximized user functionality, within an exemplary and artistic design.

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