Unlock the Freedom of Working Remotely
Connecting iPhone 15 to a portable monitor sets forth a potential like no other.

   2023/11/28  |  MMDInnovationHub

Picture this: conveniently plug your iPhone to a monitor and instantly transform your workspace into a larger screen for comfortable, efficient work.

What used to be the "new normal" merely three years ago has now been embraced by the workforce, as the normal. Whether working from home, adopting a hybrid work model, or working remotely, this flexibility has given many working adults a new sense of freedom.

While remote working is now an integral part of the modern work landscape that offers a greater work-life balance, some people still find themselves unable to fully adopt a remote work style simply because they lack the necessary work tools.

iPhone 15 Series The USB-C port in iPhone 15 Series has unlocked a world of possibilities.

Users of the latest iPhone 15 Series (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max) will be delighted to discover that these models, equipped with a USB-C port, have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities.

The convenience of USB-C

A powerful universal connector and cable standard, this reversible connector is user-friendly as there is never a "wrong" way to insert the cable into the port, unlike the previous generations of USB connectors. The versatility of USB-C allows for the support of high-speed data transfers and simultaneous power delivery for a wide range of applications and compatible devices.

Monitors and laptops that are equipped with a USB-C docking station provide a single connection point for multiple peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, speakers, external storage, and more, making connection not only convenient but also seamless.

Philips Monitors 16B1P3300 Philips Monitors 16B1P3300 is a double-award-winning lightweight portable display.

The mobility of 16B1P3300 portable monitor

A double-award winner of iF Design and Red Dot Design, the Philips Monitors 16B1P3300 is a lightweight portable monitor for work and leisure on the go. Equipped with a USB-C solution, this is the ideal monitor for people looking for mobility without compromising productivity and efficiency. Setting a new standard in the world of displays, the 16B1P3300 perfectly blends functionality and style.

Its USB-C solution means the ability for dual-screen viewing and smart power delivery for compatible devices, all via a single USB-C cable. Whether transferring files, watching high-resolution video content, or reverse charging a device, the USB-C simplifies connection plus also allows for presentation and the extension of the screen from a smaller device to this 15.6" display.

The perfect match for iPhone 15

After more than a decade, Apple has finally replaced its Lightning connector with the universal USB-C, opening up exciting new avenues for iPhone 15 users. When paired with Philips Monitors 16B1P3300, users will welcome the more than double screen size of the iPhone 15, even for its largest model of iPhone 15 Pro Max at 6.7".

USB-C Link the iPhone 15 to the 16B1P3300 with a USB-C cable to work and play on the larger 15.6” screen, no matter where you may be.

Utilizing the USB-C connection, directly output from the iPhone 15 to the 16B1P3300 portable monitor via screen mirroring, to start working on the larger screen.

During leisure hours, this combination works just as well whether watching a movie or streaming a video on the iPhone. Additionally, for the iPhone 15 Pro, thanks to its powerful A17 Pro chipset, which delivers blazing-fast performance that can handle resource-intensive tasks, you can pair the iPhone 15 with a game controller and start gaming on the monitor.

Maximum viewing comfort

Besides providing visual comfort from the larger display, the continuous tilt stand of the 16B1P3300 portable monitor can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees to meet the ideal viewing angle of users. This feature ensures that one stays productive and comfortable, whether working or playing.

Eye-friendly viewing is also ensured, even during extended periods in front of the monitor, thanks to the combined technologies of LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free, which minimize eye strain and fatigue.

For users who need to read large volumes of text, they'll be pleased to know that the Philips Monitors 16B1P3300 is equipped with EasyRead mode to provide a paper-like reading experience. It certainly beats reading on the iPhone 15.


In a world where working remotely is becoming the norm, the synergy of Apple's USB-C connector on the iPhone 15 and the Philips Monitors 16B1P3300 portable display presents boundless opportunities for users to establish a more comfortable, productive, and enjoyable work environment. Whether you're a professional constantly on the move or someone simply seeking an enhanced digital experience, this level of adaptability is highly desirable.

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