Optimize Your Next-Gen Gaming Performance with Momentum
Meet a Momentum monitor designed for next-gen gaming.

Designed for true gaming enthusiasts, the 329M1RV monitor delivers a new era of gaming. Its UltraClear 4K UHD resolution with DisplayHDR 400 offers vibrant image quality to get you in the moment. For ultra-fluid gameplay, it delivers smooth 4K console gaming at 4K at 120Hz refresh rate and 1 ms (MPRT) fast response. PC gamers on the other hand, can enjoy a true 4K gaming experience with the fastest refresh rate of 144Hz, an even smoother performance with the included connections. 

With HDMI 2.1, next-generation gaming is supported on both PC and console. Meanwhile, its Ambiglow feature and enhanced audio with DTS Sound™ add a new dimension to your viewing experience.

Vibrant image quality

To ensure superior image clarity as you play your favorite games, the 329M1RV comes in UltraClear 4K UHD resolution with DisplayHDR 400, which offers ultra-crisp and vibrant image quality to get you in the moment. There’s also SmartImage HDR to give you optimal viewing for your HDR content.

The clarity of UltraClear 4K UHD on 329M1RV will get you in the moment.

Ultra-fluid gameplay

Designed to give you the ultimate gaming experience, the 329M1RV delivers smooth console gaming in 4K at 120Hz refresh rate and PC gaming in 4K at 144Hz.

Faster refresh rates give you ultra-smooth motion.

Faster refresh rates mean you’ll experience fewer skipped frames, and any enemy movement will be seen in ultra-clear, smooth motion, so you can easily target them. To cater to fast-paced, reaction time-sensitive games, this Philips Momentum gaming monitor is also purpose-built with low lag and 1 ms (MPRT) fast response.

A new dimension to your viewing experience

This Momentum monitor was designed to enhance the content on the screen and pique your senses for a truly immersive gaming experience. With the innovative Ambiglow technology, a new dimension is added to your viewing experience, as a halo of light is created from the monitor.

Ambiglow technology adds a luminous new dimension to your viewing.

Additionally, the enhanced audio by DTS Sound™ provides an immersive virtual surround sound experience. With rich bass, dialog enhancement and maximized volume levels free of any clipping or distortion, each game becomes even more engaging.

Features that work for you

For ultimate usability and flexibility, this Momentum monitor features a USB-C one cable that does it all, as well as MultiView that enables simultaneous dual connect and view.

MultiView enables you to multi-task as you play your favorite games.

And to give you that much-needed comfort from long hours of gaming, this model also comes with LowBlue mode and Flicker-free easy-on-the eyes viewing, as well as a base that will tilt, swivel and height-adjust for your ideal viewing position. Thanks to its striking base, which radiates a solid presence, this Momentum monitor has won the Red Dot Award 2020, which stands for belonging to the best in design and business.

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