Maximize the Potential of iPhone 15 with the Power of USB-C
Beyond expanding the mobile screen.

   2023/11/08  |  MMDInnovationHub

Not only has Apple upgraded the camera features of the iPhone 15, but this series has also been equipped with a USB-C connector that allows it to perform multiple functions just using a single cable. This feature simplifies connectivity and ultimately helps increase productivity.

You can listen to music, watch movies or videos through a larger screen, transfer data at high speeds, and charge the phone or an external device while hooked to a USB-C-compatible monitor.

Hook-ups made easy

With this connector, and using a USB-C cable compliant with the USB-C standard, the iPhone 15 is no longer constrained to just being hooked up to an iPad, MacBook, or an iMac when sharing files or viewing experience.

iPhone 15 USB-C port The iPhone 15 is now capable of connecting to devices or monitors not within the Apple eco-system thanks to its USB-C port.

Want to view what’s on your phone on a really big screen? That USB-C connector means the iPhone 15 can be linked to the Philips 49B2U5900CH display and magnify the screen many times over.

From 6.1” for the standard iPhone 15 to 49” with a 32:9 aspect ratio, it’s like having two 27” 16:9 Quad HD monitors set up side-by-side but minus the distracting bezels or complicated and messy setup.

From small screen to big display

This SuperWide display comes with a 5120 x 1440 pixels resolution that guarantees exceptional levels of brightness, contrast, and color, courtesy of its VESA-Certified DisplayHDR 400™ feature.

The 49B2U5900CH may be an expansive screen, but it is a curved monitor (1800R curvature angle) that considerably reduces eye fatigue even with extended use. And curved means a more immersive experience whether for gaming or professional creative work that requires looking at fine details and accurate colors.

iPhone 15 hooked to 49B2U5900CH When connected to a 49” screen like the Philips Monitors 49B2U5900CH, images from the 6.1” screen are magnified several times so the fine details are visible.

The USB-C connectivity not only means faster data transfer, but also higher quality video playback for video production and smart delivery power that serves to maximize the iPhone 15’s potential.

But there is more.

More from the innovator

The monitor’s USB-C docking station comes with an RJ45 connection for networking, Internet browsing, and high-speed data transfer from the phone to a PC and vice versa. It eliminates the need for too many cables to allow all these functions for a cleaner workspace.

RJ45 connector An RJ45 connection via the USB-C dock is all it takes to link to the Internet or for ultra-fast transfer of data.

Of course, a premium display by Philips Monitors is packed with features designed for the comfort and well-being of anyone using the 49B2U5900CH monitor.

From Flicker-free technology to the versatile SmartErgoBase that can tilt, swivel, and is height-adjustable for the most comfortable position when in front of the screen, to the built-in webcam and a convenient headphone hook, Philips Monitors surely has users in mind.

To protect against the harmful blue light, this monitor is TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe®-certified to keep vision safe, while ensuring color integrity.

Any iPhone 15 Series user will find connecting to this expansive Philips Monitors 49B2U5900CH well worth the experience. That’s the power of USB-C. It simplifies functions but expands connectivity between devices, to redefine the way we work and play.

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