It's More FUN to Game On An Evnia
Especially when it's on an Evnia curved gaming monitor.

   2023/6/07  |  MMDInnovationHub

Evnia is pretty, says a reviewer of the latest display on the market.

Pretty is not usually a word to associate with a monitor. State-of-the-art, functional, and excellent would be more apt to describe a screen.

Philips Monitors wasn't exactly going for that description when it developed the sub-brand Evnia. What it had in mind was elegant and classy.

For the longest time, monitors came in the color black. It's a piece of equipment meant to serve a purpose and is likely to be exposed to dust, heat, and cold. Later models had them in grey or silver, colors that can still hide flaws and age.

Philips Evnia Aesthetics matter too when it comes to gaming monitors

Aesthetics matter

But a white monitor? Computers are not just for work. More people are getting them to serve a dual purpose: work and leisure. That's anything from watching videos or movies to playing computer games.

Video gaming has exploded. It's not just guys who are into them but gals, too. And aesthetics is now a consideration when choosing a display.

Forget the blacks and reds, the preferred look for hardcore gamers. The older segment of users has a bit more to spend and like their equipment to have a touch of class.

Evnia captivates with its sleek, fresh, and classy look. Its design may "reinvent the rules" of gaming, but with features that still make it ideal for other uses like graphic design, video and photo editing, the usual research, number crunching, or even writing a novel.

Evnia 34M2C8600 The 34M2C8600 is a curved display to ensure a more immersive experience whether watching movies or playing games.

Take the 34M2C8600 model. It's a curved 34" display with a 3440 x 1440px resolution, and these specs alone would be welcome for those not necessarily hardcore gamers.

Packed with the good stuff

The display uses QD-OLED technology, which utilizes blue light to illuminate red and green quantum dots resulting in superior colors and life-like images. It means high contrast, deep blacks, unlimited viewing angles, and vibrant colors.

Evnia went further and is also certified with VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black 400. The shadow detail is stunningly accurate, with its deep blacks resulting in more vibrant images. And it has several HDR modes optimized for games, photos, and movies to raise enjoyment levels.

A curved display would mean a more immersive experience for serious gamers, but someone playing computer games for fun will enjoy it, too, because the eyes are focused at the center of the screen yet can take in the whole breadth like a natural view.

Philips Monitors developed the Ambiglow technology, a mood-setting feature that creates a halo of light from the monitor based on the content and colors flashed onscreen to enhance mood. Ambilight amps the viewing experience of sports, movies, and gaming.

45B1U6900C monitor Ambiglow is a Philips Monitors’ innovation to enhance viewing of movies, sports and gaming.

Soul of the screen

For connectivity, like most Philips Monitors, Evnia has the USB-C connector, and using a single cable, you can download files at super speed, watch a high-resolution video and still charge a compatible device simultaneously.

The Evnia 34M2C8600 also has features to protect the eyes from strain or fatigue with a LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology, which benefits gamers and regular users who sit behind a screen for extended periods.

Whew, that's a lot of good stuff inside a monitor that already looks classy. That's because Evnia was designed not just to be aesthetically pleasing. Its software, considered the soul of the display, sets it apart from other gaming monitors.

Evnia wants to veer away from the masculine mold of gamers. Not only the male population is into gaming. And even if it were dominated by testosterone-heavy individuals, who says fresh and classy won't be appreciated by them?

Philips Monitors will continue to develop displays that break the stereotype and "reinvent the rules."

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