[Infographic] Pushing Beyond Boundaries with Portable Philips Monitors
Versatile performance for work and play on-the-go.

   2024/03/20  |  MMDInnovationHub

In this modern technological era of flexibility and mobility, where workers work remotely rather than in a conventional office, the need for versatile tools that seamlessly adapt to different environments is paramount.

Infographic portable monitors

slim design

plug and play


customizable modes

Philips portable displays with the convenience of USB-C

These monitors are designed to provide a seamless user experience wherever one may be, without compromising on productivity or convenience.

One of the standout features of these monitors is the ability to use dual-screen viewing and device charging with just one cable thanks to the USB-C solution. Moreover, the continuous tilt stand allows for adjusting the monitor to any preferred viewing angle, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

In addition to being highly functional, these monitors are also remarkably portable. The fact that they are lightweight and foldable makes them ideal for work and entertainment on the go.

Philips Monitors 16B1P3300, 16B1P3302, and 16B1P3302D are perfect solutions for work, study, leisure, and gaming. Meanwhile, 16B1P3302 and 16B1P3302D feature dual USB-C for ultimate connectivity on the move, either sharing and presenting material or running a multi-screen setup. As you can imagine, 16B1P3302 and 16B1P3302D are more suitable for professional or business use.

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