Evnia Differentiates With a Uniqueness
Gaming will never be the same again.

   2023/4/19  |  MMDInnovationHub

Video gaming is a world of its own. E-sports is much larger. Capitalizing on this growing trend gave birth to Evnia, a sub-brand of Philips Monitors. It's a line of monitors and peripherals to reinvent the rules in the e-gaming universe.

Video games have been around for decades. It has since evolved from playing for fun to playing with zeal, demanding competitions to test the best of the best.

As video games leveled up, gamers turned hardcore and developed a style and look that was dark and edgy. PCs and monitors followed suit.

Evnia's tagline of reinventing the rules aims to break that image and embrace everyone who's into gaming - whether playing for fun or glory with serious money to boot.

This focus on gaming took off from studies that showed the profile of gamers has changed. They're older, are willing to spend more for fun, and want to veer away from the dark image of gaming.

Evnia gaming computers Evnia offers a fresh look for all levels of gamers

Evnia rolled out four models, all with a fresh look but with serious software for leisure gamers to enjoy that hardcore gamers will also appreciate. Conventional gaming will never be boring with displays that have a touch of class and elegance.

There's the 27M2C5500W, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440p (Quad HD); its two 34" models - 34M2C7600MV and 34M2C8600, both with 3440 x 1440 resolution but the former classified as WQHD (Wide QHD), the latter QD OLED; and the biggest in the line, the 42M2N8900 OLED flat monitor with a 3840 x 2160p resolution.

The previous aesthetics of black and red monitors with giant logos and the RGB strips behind the monitors are out.

Evnia wanted a truly immersive gaming experience and opted for curved monitors for its three models (except the 42" model). Visually, it is easier on the eyes as the shape allows for a near-natural view. And even if you're sitting in front of the screen for hours, eye fatigue is minimized.

Every display's resolution already ensures sharp images and vivid colors, features intended for the best gaming experience.

The 34M2C8600, with its QD OLED technology, excels at producing brighter and more accurate colors. The 42M2N8900, meanwhile, uses OLED technology, which is excellent at showing black levels and contrast.

Ambiglow is another Philips Monitors’ innovation that helps enhance the mood while playing. The technology creates a halo of light matching the colors on the screen, adding dimension to the viewing experience, whether for gaming or watching sports or movies.

SmartImage To level up gaming, EVNIA monitors come with the SmartImage game mode with three settings: First Person Shooting (FPS), Racing, and Real Time Strategy (RTS), to help adapt to every game.

Playing it smart

Hardcore gamers will appreciate the SmartImage game mode feature of Evnia monitors. There are three modes easily accessed on OSD to level up gaming.

The FPS (First Person Shooting) mode improves dark themes in games so hidden objects in the dark are still visible.

The Racing mode adapts the display with fast response times and high color and image adjustments.

Finally, the RTS (Real Time Strategy) uses a special SmartFrame mode, which enables specific areas to be highlighted and enables size and image adjustments.

Gaming events

If Evnia aims to reinvent the rules in gaming, the best form of introduction to the e-sport world is letting gamers test it during live events.

Evnia 34M2C7600MV Evnia monitors return the joy of gaming, yet can match the best in e-gaming tournaments.

The League of Legends tournament, where players from organizations like Top Esports, 100 Thieves, and Cloud 9 participate, would be good exposure for Evnia through this demonstration of the value and innovation, as well as to reach a broader audience.

Players and organizers should try out this line of monitors and peripherals during heavy play to see if Evnia lives up to expectations.

Gaming tournaments aside, even casual players and professionals will enjoy Evnia's line of monitors for work and play.

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