Delivering Superb Gaming Monitors For All Gamers
Philips Monitors satisfies all gaming needs.

   2022/04/27  |  MMDInnovationHub

Philips Monitors provides a wide array of gaming models that can satisfy all gaming needs, ensuring gamers enjoy the best possible experience no matter their preference from console gaming, PC gaming, and even mobile gaming.

Gaming monitor

Console gaming - Incredible Performance Optimized for Next-Generation Consoles

Avid console gamers should look out for powerful models such as the 439M1RV, 329M1RV, and 279M1RV, models of which are fully optimized for next-generation console gaming, with the latter two models especially designed for optimal Xbox gameplay. These models provide big screens and thrilling immersive gameplay, with stunning resolutions all the way up to UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) and an impressive virtual sound experience from DTS sound. In addition, VESA DisplayHDR, coming in a range of optimized HDR performance levels, provides breathtaking visual results with high brightness and rich palette of colors.

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These models wouldn’t be complete without being equipped with the latest connections; USB-C, MultiView, and HDMI 2.1 connections are all essentials that these top-quality console monitors have, providing these models’ connectivity convenience alongside smooth 4K with 120Hz refresh rates gameplay. Other features that bring all these models to the top level are the fact that all models include Ambiglow and low latency gaming, alongside many M1 series models also including NVIDIA® G-SYNC®. All of these features optimize settings to adjust your monitor to deliver maximum immersion and performance for any and all of your console gaming needs.

Console and PC gaming - Delivering the Tools to Dominate the Battlefield

For PC gamers looking for the power to conquer their foes, fans should look out for exceptional models such as the 24M1N3200Z, and 272M1RPE. The extensive list of Philips Monitors’ PC gaming models come with amazing resolutions ranging from FHD (1920 x 1080) to QHD (2560 x 1440), alongside SmartImage game and Ultra Wide-Color Technology to optimize colors, brightness, and ensure you don’t miss a single detail on the battlefield.

PC gaming

PC gamers often require fast reaction times, which is why gamers should look out for gaming models which feature low input lag for greatly improving gamers’ ability to perform in high paced, twitch-sensitive games. Gamers can also find some of the highest refresh rates and response times amongst these models, with M1 models featuring astounding refresh rates of 240Hz and 0.5 ms MPRT fast response, providing fluid visuals and eliminating motion blur. AMD FreeSync™ and NVIDIA® G-SYNC® are also other practical features found in a variety of M1 PC models, allowing gamers to enjoy all the benefits of smooth gameplay without screen tearing, choppiness, or broken frames.

For gamers who want to raise their immersion and gameplay even higher, PC gaming models such as the 325M2CRZ, and 345M2CRZ, come with a 1000R curved screen, a feature that not only provides a more comfortable user experience, but also perfectly matches the mechanisms of human vision, providing another advantage for you to defeat your enemies efficiently. SmartErgoBase is another feature that allows for you to game at a high level while still maintaining user wellbeing, providing flexible pivot functions to ensure gaming can be done with an optimal posture.

Mobile Gaming - Portable Gaming made Powerful, Comfortable, and Beautiful

With mobile phones getting more powerful everyday alongside a growing number of practical functions, mobile gaming is a growing sector for entertainment and fun, including for competitive or casual gaming.

mobile entertainment

As the leading pioneer of the monitor industry, Philips Monitors has developed the 16B1P3300 for incredible mobile gaming with stunning visuals and powerful performance, perfect for those looking for a more portable gaming experience without sacrificing quality. With 16:9 Full HD (1920 x 1080) + IPS display, Dual-screen productivity, and Dual inputs for USB-C and HDMI connectivity, this portable and lightweight display supports daily productivity and mobile gaming, providing the same efficiency and effectiveness as non-portable displays while still retaining all the convenient connectivity options that allow for flexible and intelligent cable management.

The 16B1P3300 also features a multi-angle stand and pivot capabilities, allowing for comfortable gaming whether it be in vertical or horizontal format through the ability to make flexible adjustments. In addition, LowBlue mode is also included to support users’ eye health, allowing users to have a comfortable gaming experience without straining the eyes. In addition, the 16B1P3300 also features High Dynamic Range (HDR10) and SmartImage for maximum visual quality and immersion.

The Perfect Monitor for Every Gamer

Philips Monitors is committed to delivering the highest quality display solution for every type of gamer, ensuring gamers have the best user experience and equipped with optimal tools that suit their unique gaming needs. Whether it for the next generation consoles, high performance gaming PC’s, or portable mobile gaming, you can rely on Philips Monitors to provide the best.

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Philips Monitors will always continue to strive for excellence to deliver the best products, and the innovation for more powerful and efficient gaming displays, suitable for various types of platforms, is always on-going.

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