A Boost in Efficiency by Maximizing Workflow
Mastering productivity with the right monitors.

   2024/1/21  |  MMDInnovationHub

The use of productivity-driven monitors can transform an ordinary workday into one that's supercharged with professional efficiency. But what is the relationship between a computer monitor and productivity? How does a monitor optimize workflow?

In today's fast-paced world, it's not uncommon to wear multiple hats at work. With demands that spill beyond the traditional 9-to-5 workday, the days can seem to stretch endlessly. This is where a productivity-focused monitor can save the day. Such a monitor is more than a screen. It is a strategic tool that enables multitasking, enhances workstream and eases eye strain and body aches during marathon work sessions. Productivity monitors are essential companions in our quest for work/life balance.

productivity monitor Productivity-driven displays by Philips Monitors offer an unsurpassed viewing experience.

An unsurpassed viewing experience

In productivity, every pixel matters. A superior viewing experience is no longer a luxury, but a game-changer in the way we work. What is the combination of features that offer sheer visual brilliance?

32:9 SuperWide aspect ratio - Say goodbye to multi-screen setups that come with distracting bezels and cable clutter. The 32:9 SuperWide aspect ratio offers an expansive screen real estate without the technical hassle of setting up multiple screens. From juggling large spreadsheets to editing videos, the panoramic view is a canvas that adapts to your work.

Curved immersion - The gracefully curved design of the screen offers an immersive viewing experience. Providing a subtle yet impactful effect that wraps the screen around your field of vision, you will get drawn deeper into your work. The immersion enhances focus as you lose yourself in your tasks.

DisplayHDR™ 400 - Lifelike visuals in vibrant colors are what you will get with this DisplayHDR™ standard. Whether creating or consuming multimedia, you will enjoy the deeper contrast and greater clarity. Every detail just stands out with precision, elevating your visual experience.

SoftBlue Technology - Reducing potentially harmful blue light emissions, this technology prevents eye strain and fatigue, yet retains color accuracy. Users can clock long hours at the desk without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Being productive is not just about the volume of output but enjoying the process and not feeling burnt out.

Comfortable work

Monitors equipped with ergonomic features ensure that a workspace is tailored for individual comfort levels. In this digital era, productivity has become synonymous with user wellbeing where their work thrives without compromising on health.

CompactErgoBase - An ergonomic monitor base that tilts, swivels, and height adjusts, users can customize the screen setup according to personal preferences. Monitors are no longer constrained by rigid screen positions, so workspaces offer maximum user comfort.

TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® certification - An international standard bestowed upon monitors that prioritize user wellbeing, Philips Monitors goes the extra mile to obtain this stamp of approval as a commitment to eye health. Users can focus on what's important without eye discomfort caused by harmful blue light emissions.

Easy remote collaboration

Standing as a cornerstone of modern productivity in this era of working from home or anywhere outside of the office, the efficacy of work tools becomes paramount.

Philips Monitors 49B2U6900CH Conveniently pop up the built-in webcam to facilitate online communication.

Pop-up webcam - The seamless integration of the webcam into the frame of the monitor not only offers convenience and easy accessibility but also addresses privacy concerns when it is not in use and hidden. Just pop it up to facilitate online communication.

Adjustable webcam - The ergonomic considerations of the monitor extend to the webcam for an enhanced remote collaborative experience. The camera’s ability to pivot and adjust allows users to place it at their preferred angle to promote a more comfortable and engaging video conference session.

Philips Monitors 49B2U6900CH raises the bar in remote collaboration capabilities with its webcam auto-framing feature. The webcam dynamically adjusts its frame to ensure all participants are centered and visible during video calls. This intelligent framing enables an all-around smoother virtual interaction.

Additionally, the webcam is paired with a noise-canceling microphone to deliver pristine audio quality. Online meetings are communicated with clarity without distractions or disruptions.


Today's modern workforce not only craves performance but also convenience. This is why, in addition to all the above, the Philips Monitors 49B2U6900CH and 49B2U5900CH are packed with convenient features that users love.

SmartKVM - The KVM Switch has made it easy to toggle between multiple connected devices with just a flick of the button. SmartKVM has made it even more effortless with its keyboard integration. The button on the keyboard offers uninterrupted workflow continuity.

49B2U6900CH with MultiView Work on different tasks on a single monitor without compromising on visual quality or performance.

MultiView - By dividing the screen into multiple sections, users can conveniently work on different tasks simultaneously within a single monitor. Compare two documents side by side or track live data feeds while working on another application, MultiView allows users to engage in simultaneous work without compromising on visual quality or performance.

USB-C docking with RJ45 - A versatile connectivity hub for various computer peripherals, enjoy seamless data transfers and smart power delivery. Meanwhile, the integrated RJ46 connection provides swift and secure network access.

Busylight - A visual cue to indicate the work status of the user, it might seem simple but is very effective to communicate if the individual is available or engaged at work.

Earphone hook - Even the smallest detail, like the earphone hook, matters. An invaluable addition to the monitor, the accessory ensures that headphones or earbuds have a proper storage place, with cables untangled, and still within easy reach.


The combination of features offered by the Philips Monitors 49B2U6900CH and 49B2U5900CH isn't only about enhancing output. It is about optimizing the entire workflow. These productivity-driven monitors have marked a shift in how professionals approach work, through a blend of performance, comfort, collaboration, and convenience.

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