Style Meets Substance
Superior viewing in a stylish design, sounds terrific doesn’t it? You can indeed get the best of both worlds with the 276E9QDSB monitor from our E Line.

Not only does this Full HD monitor provide you with superior picture quality, it is also packed with lifestyle features for a great design aesthetic, healthier way to work and a greener way to use tech.

This monitor’s Ultra Wide-Color technology provides vivid visuals.

Superior picture quality

This 27″ monitor from our distinguished E Line knows a thing or two about being stylish, while displaying stunning color. It’s mainly due to the incorporation of Ultra Wide-Color, which provides a wider range of colors for a vivid picture. This richer color gamut produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues for true-to-life visuals that bring your media entertainment, images, and even productivity to vivid life!

Meanwhile, its Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio gives you the crisp, detailed images you’ve come to expect. To push image and color accuracy even further, this monitor is equipped with IPS LED wide view technology. It not only gives you extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, but also accurate colors and consistent brightness. This makes the monitor ideal for photos, movies, web browsing and even demanding professional applications.

This monitor embraces style and sophistication with its Ultra-Narrow Border.

Great design aesthetic

This monitor isn’t just about extraordinary picture performance. In fact, it’s also about the impeccable aesthetics of modern design. With an emphasis on visual simplicity and sophistication, the 276E9QDSB showcases an ultra-narrow border that offers a seamless appearance that allows for minimal distractions and maximum viewing size. The narrow borders will also serve you well in multi-display setups, which are especially ideal for graphic design, professional applications or gaming.

Care for your eyes with Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode technologies.

Healthier way to work

Though invisible to the naked eye, screen flickering, which occurs due to the way brightness is controlled on LED-backlit screens, is a known cause for eye fatigue among some users. Meanwhile, shortwave length blue light rays from LED displays are known to cause eye damage and affect vision over time. We’ve made it a priority to help protect your eyes and promote a healthier way to work and play. As such, we’ve equipped this monitor with Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode technologies, which were developed for wellbeing and easy on-the-eyes productivity.

Built with eco-friendly materials and to consume less power, this monitor will boost your sustainable practices.

Greener way to use tech

Do you have concerns over environmental sustainability and costly energy bills? Rest assured, because the 276E9QDSB is built with eco-friendly materials that are both lead and mercury free. It also comes with 100% recyclable packaging material, while its EnergyStar 7.0 rating ensures low power consumption that saves energy bills and reduces carbon footprints.

AMD FreeSync™ technology makes gaming smoother.

Bonus features

While this monitor is packed with features for serious work, it takes entertainment seriously too. Incorporating AMD FreeSync™ technology, it eliminates choppy gameplay and broken frames to give you nothing but smooth and exciting action when you’re playing your favorite games. And with HDMI, you’re ensured universal digital connectivity.

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