Product Launch 2020 for Taiwan VIP Distributors
The room was abuzz with excitement at the much looked forward to event by Philips Monitors on 14th October, 2020.

At the exclusive “Product Launch 2020 for Taiwan VIP Distributors”, our respected guests were introduced to some of the latest models by Philips Monitors, including Momentum 4K HDR display with Ambiglow 558M1RY and the 32:9 SuperWide curved 439P9H1.

Product Launch for VIP Distributors in Taiwan

Product Launch 2020 for Taiwan VIP Distributors.

Product Launch for Taiwan VIP Distributors

Product Launch 2020 for Taiwan VIP Distributors.

Philips Monitors 439P9H1

Philips Monitors 439P9H1.

Whether for gaming or productivity, Philips Monitors has the ideal display to meet consumer needs, from the gaming sector to professional and everything in between.

Philips Monitors 558M1RY

Philips Monitors 558M1RY.

Philips Monitors M6 series

Philips Monitors M6 series.

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