Powerful and Flawless Gaming
Video gaming is an extremely popular leisure activity, with a global fandom that’s two billion strong and counting. The appeal of gaming lies in the engaging action, suspense and thrills that gamers experience as they live out their fantasies of being a hero, villain or even a different species.

With a stellar monitor like the 272M8CP, you can have an array of tech innovations at your disposal that will bring all your favorite games to vivid life.

The subtly immersive effect of curved monitors is great for gamers.

Designed to engage your senses

This 27″ monitor from our Momentum line is designed to engage your senses, making each game an incredibly immersive experience. Featuring a 1500R curved display, it provides a pleasant yet subtle immersion effect as it mimics the curvature of your eyes and takes advantage of your natural field of view.

What this does is limit perceived visual distortions so your game becomes even sharper. The curvature also makes viewing more comfortable by allowing your eyes to take everything in at once, without strain. Less strain means gaming becomes much more fun.

Momentum monitors equal superior visuals.

Simply superb picture quality

This curved Full HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels not only engages your senses, it enhances them as well. Its VA display is capable of delivering awesome images with wide viewing angles, which will only add to your enjoyment of each game.

To enable you to experience the full spectrum of rich colors in your favorite games, this monitor also comes with Ultra Wide-Color. Going even further, visuals are taken to a higher level with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which provides vivid and astonishing brightness and contrast.

Crisp images and effortlessly smooth gameplay are a match made in heaven.

Tech for fast and smooth action

If you are done with screen tearing, stuttering and lagging, you can rest assured that the 272M8CP offers superior solutions to these problems. Equipped with Adaptive-Sync technology, it ensures that you enjoy nothing but effortlessly smooth gameplay.

Meanwhile, its ultra-fast 240 Hz refresh rate provides virtually lag-free gaming and its 0.5 ms ultra-fast speed enables crisp images and smooth performance.

Other game-centric features include SmartImage game mode, which are optimized settings for gamers and Low input lag, which reduces time delay between devices to the monitor.

Say goodbye to eye fatigue and damage with eye care tech.

Designed for your viewing comfort

On average, gaming enthusiasts spend around 6 to 7 hours per week playing games. If you’re an avid gamer, it is important for you to take measures and protect your vision.

This monitor comes with two eye care technologies, with the first being the LowBlue Mode feature, which filters out harmful shortwave blue light that can have a damaging effect on the eyes in the long run. The second eye care feature, Flicker-free technology, reduces screen flickering to prevent and lessen eye fatigue.

When it comes to ultra-smooth gameplay without the strain, there is only one thing to say – Game on!

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