Philips Monitors Solutions to Stay Productive at Home
Increase in home office arrangements call for re-evaluation of technology designed for entertainment and work use.

Technology has long served society in times of success and growth by providing new and innovative ways for people to realize ideas and visions. But technology has also been important for support during more unpredictable times to help people overcome challenges.

In a world of an increasingly mobile workforce and given the current spike in home office arrangements, there has been a growing demand for monitors and other digital solutions that can serve professional and entertainment purposes alike. Previously, Philips Monitors has launched three displays that serve these purposes in ways that are more relevant today than ever.

Philips Monitors 328E1CA: Vivid pictures and stunning sights from the safety of home

The Philips 328E1CA 32” curved display offers an immersive experience which focuses on the user at the center of the desk, at a beautiful 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. The design philosophy for this display, in line with the E-line’s philosophy, is to put simplicity first but invest in high-end features where it counts.

Visually, the display provides a holistic experience for work and entertainment purposes alike with Ultra Wide-Color’s sharper graphics, and SmartContrast’s ability to adjust contrast for clearer shadows and lines. It is also easy on the eyes with LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free eye protection technologies.

For a more flexible home entertainment experience, users can connect other devices (e.g. gaming consoles) to the screen and enjoy high quality visuals without a television thanks to DisplayPort and HDMI compatibility. The gaming experience is further enhanced by Adaptive-Sync technology to reduce stutter and lag in line with e-sports standards, resulting in a holistic display with stunning graphics that is usable in a wide range of work or entertainment scenarios – be it working on graphic design with superior colors, or playing an immersive MMORPG or action game at maximum resolution for a truly immersive experience.

Philips Monitors 439P9H1: Business as usual, even from home

The Philips 439P9H1 43” curved 32:10 SuperWide display offers wide open possibilities to the dedicated modern professional. With substantial width, the display can function like two high-performance monitors in one with a crisp 3840 x 1200 resolution, 1800R curve and VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400. The design conveniently replicates the effect of a multi-screen setup, but without the complications or extra peripherals needed, making it ideal for graphic design, video editing, finance, project management, or other professions where observing multiple elements on screen at once is needed.

Moreover, this display is specially designed to offer multiple useful office functions. The USB-C docking station compatibility allows the convenient charging and use of many peripherals (such as connecting a smartphone or laptop), which works hand-in-hand with MultiView technology. MultiView allows active dual connect and view so that working on a PC and laptop can be done at the same time, on the same screen, for seamless multitasking. The MultiClient Integrated KVM switch makes this even easier by providing a convenient button that, when pressed, allows the user to switch between computer sources while using the same mouse and keyboard.

During a time where home office work setups have increased, there will be an increased sense of distance from colleagues or clients, and it is difficult to “meet” them to discuss things more closely. The display’s Windows Hello pop-up webcam makes it easy to have “face-to-face” colleague or client meetings at the press of a button, but with added security over standard external webcams – the device will only pop-up when you need it, and will otherwise tuck back into the monitor when not in use. With the webcam’s facial recognition technology, facial recognition login can also provide a more convenient user experience than having to type a password every time.

And finally, when the work day is over, users can enjoy the cinematic experience of watching movies or their favorite TV series on a curved, high resolution wide screen monitor at a quality that isn’t found in most modern television sets in sharp and bright DisplayHDR 400-certified colors.

Philips Monitors 272M8CP: Work in the day, games at night

When stuck at home, many will opt to do work in the day and get to their gaming hobbies at night. For work, the 27” Philips 272M8CP display serves its purpose in style with crisp graphics via Ultra Wide-Color technology and a sleek 1500R curved design, as well as LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free technology to protect the eyes. This ensures users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience while they work – especially in color-sensitive industries like video editing or photo retouching.

When the work is done, users can enjoy a world-class gaming experience with a stunning 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms MPRT ultra-fast response rate, which puts it even further above the current e-sports standard worldwide. This isn’t only for casual gamers, but even for those competing on their respective ranked game ladders at the highest level.

Adaptive-Sync technology is also provided for a clean lag-free experience, and SmartImage Game Mode allows users to quickly optimize their screen settings for different genres with only a couple of clicks. FPS gamers can ace the opposing team in a clutch round with “FPS mode” which is tuned for optimal shadow visibility, quickly switch to “racing mode” with the fastest response time to ensure they don’t get outmaneuvered while turning a corner, and end the night with “RTS mode”, which allows highlighting specific areas of the screen for size and image adjustments – perfect for ensuring crucial details are not missed while trying to manage over 100 units at once by mid-to-late game in an RTS.

Technology to adapt to changing times

In addition to designing technology that is functionally effective at meeting people’s daily needs, Philips has also understood the need to adapt to challenging times to be truly sustainable. Philips fully embraces sustainability, because of its benefits for society, and because of the belief that it is a driver for innovation and economic growth. This is why during time such as the present environment – which has put a lot of people into home office situations – Philips will always strive to deliver products to meet people’s needs.

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