Philips Monitors Indonesia Announces Esports Tournament Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament!

Jakarta, December 7th 2020: Along with the development of esports, of course, technology also accompanies the presence of increasingly fierce competition through monitor technology, such as Philips which has just announced its newest line of monitor products.

Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament 1

Philips brand itself is indeed well known for its various high-tech product lines that are great and can be trusted in various daily needs. Philips also has a monitor market that can meet entertainment needs such as watching movies, playing games to the needs of the creative industry for professionals in their fields. Embracing game lovers, Philips proudly presents an esports online tournaments with the title Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament and brings two esports game titles that really need the best monitor quality.

Philips Everyday Heroes – Gaming Tournament

Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament KV

VALORANT and Dragon Ball FighterZ are two game titles that are ready to be competed in the Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament. This Online Tournament from Philips Monitors Indonesia brings a fantastic total prize pool of IDR 30,000,000, with the following details:

• Registration Period: December 1st – 20th December 2020
• Qualifying Stage: December 22th 2020
• Semifinals and Top 8: December 23th 2020
• Grand Final: December 24th, 2020

In the game VALORANT will bring a maximum slot for 100 teams through single-elimination or best-of-one matches until the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball FighterZ will go through a qualification phase with a double-elimination format and continue with the grand final round through the best-of-five format.
For registration and tournament details, please visit the Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament website at the following link:

Take the gaming experience to another level

Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament 2

Philips Momentum 275M1RZ is a high-end gaming monitors from Philips that brings refresh rate capability up to 165Hz and AMD FreeSync ™ capability that is able to spoil the eye with detailed and stunning graphics.

The Philips Monitors in this series feature the latest innovation, Ambiglow, which is an immersive Light Effect embedded around the back of the monitor, Ambiglow adds a new dimension to your viewing experience and enhances the content on the screen by creating a halo of the monitor. Its fast processor analyzes the content of the incoming image and continuously adjusts the color and brightness of the light emitted to match the image. It is perfect for watching movies, sports or playing games, a unique and immersive viewing experience.

Sharp colors that are suitable for various purposes such as professionals can also be relied upon with the support of IPS Nano Color technology. This very large 27-inch monitor via QHD technology has an official price of IDR 8,500,000.



User Favorite Gaming Monitor

Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament 3

Philips also has the all-time favorite monitor line, the M8 Series with AMD FreeSync ™ technology and a 144Hz refresh rate providing the perfect entertainment experience for playing games and watching movies via Ultra-Wide Color technology. Of course, with a competitive price range, around Rp. 2,800,000 for the Philips Gaming 242M8 series.



The Best Value for Your Money, Gaming Monitors

Philips Everyday Heroes Tournament 4

Philips Monitors also released a line of gaming monitors in the entry level class at a very affordable price, namely the Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ.

This series is also equipped with features that gamers really need, namely AMD FreeSync ™ technology, 144Hz and 1ms refresh rate capabilities to provide a better gaming experience with official prices in the range of Rp. 2,200,000.



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