PHILIPS and KRAFTON join forces for 'Philips Evnia Games 2022'
The battlefield is full of KOLs to compete for state-of-the-art Philips Gaming Monitors made especially for gamers! Starting this November 26!

Thailand - November 11, 2022 PHILIPS and KRAFTON join forces to kick off the PUBG Battleground in 'Philips Evnia Games 2022', where famous KOLs and Influencers from 6 countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia will enter the battlefield and fight their way to the top. This tournament promotes the diversity of gamers and the joy of gaming under Evnia's tagline of "One Voice for All", providing the gamers of today with the gaming monitors that they need to get the most enjoyment out of every gaming session. Evnia represents a newly launched range of premium Philips Gaming Monitors that prioritizes the emotional benefits of gamers in addition to exceptional performance.

The 'Philips Evnia Games 2022' tournament is a meeting between KOLs and superstar influencers of each country, 'Julio' and 'Makgi Gaming' from THAILAND country, 'Robertus Rombeng' and 'Enryu' from INDONESIA country, 'Dingception(딩셉션)' from SOUTH KOREA country, 'RIP113' and 'Bé Cơ' from VIETNAM country, 'Jack Logan' and 'HeyAmarii' from PHILIPPINES country. etc. Find out who will win the battle and obtain a Philips Gaming Monitor! Watch the live broadcast of KOLs in each country's Country Qualifier on November 26 - December 4, 2022 and the Grand Final on December 10, 2022. Don't miss it!


Date 26 November 2022 THAILAND
Date 26 November 2022 VIETNAM
Date 2 December 2022 TAIWAN
Date 3 December 2022 PHILIPPINES
Date 4 December 2022 INDONESIA
Date 10 December 2022



Champion : AOC G3 240hz gaming monitors amount 3 units included Keyboard, Mouse, Headset
Runner-up : AOC G3 21:9 gaming monitors amount 3 units included Keyboard, Mouse, Headset


Champion : Momentum gaming monitor 27", M1 series.
AOC keyboard, mouse and headset.
Runner-up : Momentum gaming monitor 27", 5000 series.
AOC keyboard, mouse and headset.

Follow the competition, News and LIVE broadcast :

TH Makgi Gaming :
Julio :
VN RIP113 :
Bé Cơ :
KR Dingception(딩셉션) :
PH Jack Logan :
HeyAmarii :
TW 凱琪K7 :
湘湘Kanna :
ID RobertusRombeng :
Enryu :

One voice for all

The Evnia range reflects its mantra: "Reinvent the rules". Far from the known gaming stereotype, Evnia adds freshness, classiness, and elegance to the mixture. From product lines to Ambiglow lights, Evnia prioritizes emotional benefits as well as technical advantages. The sophisticated design fits every environment, being a perfect addition to the furnishing of a casual gamer lounge or a proper PC gaming set-up.

The Evnia monitors range, starting with this launch, will see in the future further performance-driven products with models: 42M2N8900 (42" OLED flat screen), 34M2C8600 (34" QD OLED curved screen), 34M2C7600MV (34" mini-LED curved screen) and 27M2C5500W (27" VA curved screen).

Join us in the new era of gaming.

More information on the Philips Evnia range:

For product images: Download link

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