Philips Eco-conscious Line is Responsibly Designed From the Inside Out, Sustainably Constructed Not Just for Professionals But for the Planet
Committed to recycling resources and minimizing pollution, Philips’ company’s long-standing vision on sustainability and the environment informs their latest product development. The eco-friendly monitors, 241B7QGJEB and 272B1G, are meticulously designed with recyclable packing material. They also deliver a new level of power savings, significantly reducing its impact on the environment with uncompromising performance – minimal power with maximum results.

Eco-friendly materials used across its monitor range

Philips is dedicated to providing users with high-performance technology that combines innovation and sustainability. The 241B7QGJEB and 272B1G are the greenest monitors designed to date. Boxed in 100% recyclable packing materials and paper cushion that are non-EPE, the packaging alone greatly diminishes waste and cost. The design eliminates the need for recycling and disposal fees from traditional non-recyclable packaging. An easy-open box experience also streamlines unpacking and reduces deployment time and resources. The packaging’s fast, easy deployment lowers IT opportunity costs and minimizes user downtime.

Both monitors are composed of lightweight, 85% post-consumer recycled plastics and are entirely free of toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, halogen and PVC/BFR. Although only the 241B7QGJEB is TCO Certified Edge, the 272B1G also uses 100% recyclable materials for all body parts and metal chassis parts. These monitors have gone over and beyond existing eco-labelling programs that is testifying to its green design and performance.

Designed for the eco-conscious

Energy efficiency lies at the heart of ensuring a smaller carbon footprint, Philips has painstakingly engineered these monitors to be super energy efficient. The new energy saving design achieves a higher energy class, an EU EEI rating A++, while giving exceptional performance. Its power efficient feature utilizes a new LED backlight technology which maintains brightness and color while using significantly less energy.

Installed with a power sensor, the 241B7QGJEB and 272B1G transmit and receive harmless infrared signals to determine if user is present, automatically adjusting the monitor’s brightness when user steps away. This effectively cuts energy costs (by up to 80% for 241B7QGJEB and 70% for 272B1G) and prolongs monitor life. Its LightSensor uses a smart sensor to adjust picture brightness depending on the room light conditions for the perfect picture with minimal power usage. The 0-watt hard switch, conveniently located at the back, enables zero power consumption which further reduces your carbon footprint by completely cutting off your monitor from AC power which switched on.

A green display worth investing

From green packaging to an array of power saving capabilities, the 241B7QGJEB and 272B1G offer cutting edge technology with best-in-class ICT, benefitting you and the planet which makes this line a responsible green purchase.

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