Navigate Through the Most Intense Battles with Philips Latest Curved Momentum Monitor
The 272M8CP is engineered with enhanced and advanced specifications crafted for spectacular gaming performance.

Philips unveils the latest curved 1500R 272M8CP Momentum monitor packed with cutting-edge gaming features, giving you a competitive edge against your opponents. With ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time, the brand new model can deliver virtually lag-free gaming with superior motion and clarity visuals. Think fast-paced action FPS or racing games, the monitor’s 0.5ms response time effectively eliminates smearing and motion blur, delivering sharper and precise visuals which greatly enhances gaming experience.

The monitor can also effectively redraw the screen image up to 240 times per second with its ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate, making it significantly faster than a standard display. Dive into the most intense action scenes with this curved 1500R display as it mimics the curvature of the human eye. By stretching across your peripheral vision, the display greatly reduces instances of distortion and makes it less straining to track movement. Its Adaptive Sync technology provides a fluid, smooth and speedy response time for both gaming and work experiences. This high performing monitor’s 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time will truly make a difference with undisrupted responsive gameplay.

Impressive Lifelike Visuals

Whether you are gaming, streaming, creating or working, the 272M8CP is packed with some of the most desirable features that will not disappoint. The 272M8CP boasts Ultra Wide-Color technology projected on a VA Panel that offers true-to-life colors that are rendered more natural and vivid colors perfect for professional graphic applications. With a wider breadth, depth and clarity, the Ultra Wide-Color technology displays supports from 85% to over 100% of the NTSC color gamut area which is well above the 72% range of standard sRGB. The monitor also comes with SmartImage game display mode that gives you the capability to see hidden objects or opponents that are hiding in darker areas. In addition, the monitor’s HDR gives dramatically better playback with more realistic displays of nuances and color tones, showing the finest details even in the darkest scenes.

Uncompromised Capabilities

Consciously designed for its users, the display comes with additional specifications that can heighten user experience and further enhance performance. Its low input lag has fast transmission and reception which eliminates latency and lag time between performing an action with connected devices and seeing it on screen. The monitor is ideal for competitive players that enjoy twitch-sensitive video games. It also includes specifications such as the LowBlue Mode and HDR10 support because every component in the monitor makes a difference.

Outstandingly Reliable Partner in Combat

This display is an all-encompassing package that is ergonomically designed for gamers. Packed with best-in-class features, the new release will allow you to dominate other players on the field. Philips understands that every feature necessary to make console gaming and entertainment a true pleasure for all. Grace your desk with the latest addition and fight any battle with confidence.

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