2-in-1 EasyRead Display: Unique Combo of Monitor and E-Ink Display
24B1D5600 balances multiple contents with minimal interior and eco-footprint

   2022/02/01  |  MMDInnovationHub

Combining a monitor and E-Ink display, the unique 24B1D5600 is a first-of-its-kind product that offers both a monitor and E-Ink display for power users who face the need to run multiple contents. This Philips innovation offers two screen technologies: one is the high-resolution Quad HD 23.8" display, while the second screen is the E-Ink display, a large format electronic paper display.

24B1D5600 The unique 24B1D5600 is a first-of-its-kind product that combines a monitor and E-Ink display.

A powerful combo

Marrying engineering and functionality, the Philips Two-in-One EasyRead Monitor 24B1D5600 was designed with a two-pronged purpose: to meet the needs of our power users, and at the same time, reduce interior and/or eco-footprint.

Suitable for both home and office environments including home-offices, for professional use, creativity, or educational purposes, this triple award-winning monitor boasts a powerful, high-resolution Quad HD 23.8” colorful LCD display on the left for lifelike images while on the right is the 13.3" EasyRead E-ink technology display that allows users to enjoy longer, fatigue-free reading of text-intensive documents and websites without eye strain.

QHD disply Enjoy lifelike visuals on the high-resolution QHD display on the left and while perusing lengthy documents on EasyRead E-Ink display on the right.

World's first

Living up to our lifelong motto of bringing innovation to the masses and creating innovative products to improve the everyday life of users, this Philips Two-in-One EasyRead Monitor 24B1D5600 is the world's first two-in-one color and electronic paper combo display, employing one of the world’s first productivity-focused large format electronic paper displays. What this means is that never before has there been a display package that offers users the advantage of both a brilliant color display AND the benefits of an electronic paper display for intensive text reading at the same time.

Ergonomic product design

Despite its size of two displays in one, 24B1D5600 is not only a functional winning combination, it also boasts an ergonomic design for the long-term comfort of users, not only in vision care but also physically. Offering versatility via its geometric adjustable stand, the design of this monitor was well thought out to cater to different usages.

ergonomic stand The ergonomic adjustable stand suits the personal preference of any user in any setting thanks to its versatility.

Besides height adjustment and tilt angle, it can also swivel and pivot to offer multiple versatile propositions and customized settings. With a 360-degree design approach, 24B1D5600 provides user flexibility never seen before in a monitor of its class. In fact, 24B1D5600 stands apart from its display competitors in a class of its own.

Environmentally-friendly display

As we continue to do our part for Mother Nature by producing green and sustainable monitors, without compromising on visual quality, product performance, or technology, the Philips Two-in-One EasyRead Monitor 24B1D5600 delivers a new level of power-saving ability, to consume 80% less energy than a normal display of this size. Moreover, its friendly eye-comfort E-Ink Display means a reduction in the amount of paper used when text can be easily perused on this display.

award-winning design Philips Two-in-One EasyRead Monitor 24B1D5600 has been honored with three international awards for its functional innovative design.

Triple award-winning monitor

Boasting a never-before-seen innovative design, our 24B1D5600 has recently captured the hearts of the jury at the CES® 2022 Innovation Awards, standing out among a record number of 1800 product submissions. Not too long ago, it also bagged both the Red Dot Award and iF Gold Award for innovative product design, staying true to our promise to continue to bring innovation to the people. Philips Monitors has indeed set a new benchmark for the display market. Always striving to outdo ourselves, we will continue to offer more functionally stylish products.

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