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Your Ally in Sustainable Productivity

By Philips Monitors, 24 Apr 2020.

As a consumer, you can effectively minimize your impact on the environment by making the right purchases. For example, you can reduce food miles by buying local produce, as well as help reduce manufacturing emissions and waste by purchasing second-hand goods.

We’re happy to announce that you can make a sustainably-sound decision when buying Philips Monitors too. The 272B1G, 241B7QGJEB and 242B1G are three of our greenest monitors yet and they are designed for sustainable productivity. They feature not only a number of super energy efficient features, but also employ eco-friendly materials that meet major international standards.

Rest assured that this monitor is made from environmentally-safe and recycled materials.

Eco-friendly materials for sustainability

At Philips, we have made a commitment to use more sustainable, eco-friendly materials across our monitor range. This is to help ensure the minimization of waste and the elimination of toxic substances for a better tomorrow. To lessen environmental impact, the 241B7QGJEB and 242B1G (23.8”), as well as 272B1G (27”) models, are boxed in 100% recyclable paper cushions and packaging materials that are non-EPE. This not only reduces waste, but also eliminates any fees needed for the disposal of non-recyclable packaging.

As a testament to Philips’ truly green design, all the body plastic parts of these three models are made of lightweight, 85% post consumer recycled plastics that are free of PVC and BFR.  Strictly adhering to major international standards, such as EPEAT and RoHS, they are also entirely free of toxic substances like lead, mercury and halogen. While the 241B7QGJEB and 242B1G models are TCO Certified Edge, the 272B1G also employs 100% recyclable materials for all its body parts and metal chassis.

Achieve a new level of energy-efficiency and sustainable productivity with PowerSensor and LightSensor.

Super energy efficiency

When we say theses monitors are built for sustainable productivity, we mean it! These eco-friendly monitors feature a new energy-saving design with super-efficient power supply to deliver a new level of energy savings. Their foremost eco-conscious feature is PowerSensor, a built-in ‘people sensor’ that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to determine if you are present. Once you step away, PowerSensor automatically reduces monitor brightness to cut your energy costs by up to 70% for the 272B1G and up to 80% for the 241B7QGJEB and 242B1G. Not only that, PowerSensor will also help prolong the lifespan of these monitors.

Another energy-saving feature that you are sure to appreciate is LightSensor, a smart sensor that adjusts picture brightness according a room’s light conditions. Not only does it provide you with the perfect brightness for your comfort at all times, it also minimizes power usage for more energy savings.

To reduce your carbon footprint even further, we have incorporated a 0 watt hard switch, which is located at the back of these monitors. With just a flick of this switch, the AC power to your monitor is completely cut off, resulting in zero power consumption. These energy-efficient features have helped these B Line monitors to achieve a higher EU EEI A++ energy class, as well as EnergyStar 7.0 rating (for the 2421G and 241B7QGJEB) and EnergyStar 8.0 rating (for the 272B1G).

 The IPS technology in these three green monitors delivers crisp visuals.

Brilliant performance

These LCD monitors not only emphasize upon the use of safe, sustainable materials and minimization of carbon footprints. In fact, they were also designed to deliver a brilliant performance with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. In addition, their IPS technology utilizes advanced technology to offer remarkably crisp images and vivid colors. This is great for not only photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications that demand color accuracy and consistent brightness at all times. On top of that, IPS technology also provides extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, which makes it possible for you to view the display from almost any angle!

Last, but not least, the 2421G and 241B7QGJEB are equipped with Zero Bright Dot™, which eliminates LCD bright dot defects. On the other hand, the 272B1G model comes with Philips’ LowBlue Mode setting, which reduces harmful shortwave blue light that can cause eye damage and affect vision over time.

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