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What a premium business monitor should be

By Philips Monitors, 01 Dec 2019.

Deciding on the best monitor to fit your business’ needs is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Perhaps you need a monitor with a large 31.5″ screen that enables you to oversee several tasks at once. Or maybe, you need a high-resolution 4K UHD monitor that provides crisp and detailed images.

And what about a monitor that boosts your productivity with USB-C universal connectivity? If you answered yes to any of the above, it sounds like you need the 329P9H monitor!

With a large screen area of 31.5″, the 329P9H offers your business the flexibility and performance to capture more visual detail.

Built to be brilliant

A premium business monitor must not only look the part, but it must also perform at the highest levels too. The 329P9H aptly named the Philips Brilliance LCD monitor, offers flexibility, efficiency and performance to ensure your business runs smoothly. Measuring 31.5,” this monitor provides a generous amount of desktop space, which is a boon for various business fields, such as design, editing, finance, surveillance, diagnostics and more.

The large monitor size is further amplified by UltraClear 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution, which provides crisp visuals with accurate color. This ultra-clarity and outstanding color are especially crucial features to have for businesses that rely on image precision. Also, this monitor’s IPS technology enables full colors and wide viewing angles, which makes it ideal for group presentations and discussions.

The 329P9H monitor is designed for the way you work, providing ease of connectivity for increased productivity.

Designed for productivity

To support your business, the 329P9H is designed with a multitude of features to boost convenience, connectivity, and productivity. This Philips display features a built-in USB 3.1 type-C docking station that simplifies connections to peripherals like a keyboard, mouse and RJ-45 Ethernet. Its slim, reversible USB-C connector also easily connects to a notebook, enabling you to watch high-resolution video and transfer data at super speed, all while powering up and re-charging your notebook simultaneously. In addition to this, this monitor is also equipped with HDMI and DisplayPort for connectivity to various sources.

And for a more secure and faster way to connect with your colleagues and partners, the 329P9H monitor features an innovative webcam that pops-up when you need it and can be tucked back into the monitor when it’s not in use. The webcam is also equipped with advanced sensors for Windows Helloâ„¢ facial recognition, which enables you to log into your Windows devices in less than 2 seconds!

Your comfort is one of our main concerns, which is why the 329P9H combines ergonomic features like SmartErgoBase and LowBlue Mode eyecare technology to promote wellbeing.

Smart features for smart workers

By cultivating an appreciation for the way that businesses and their employees work, we’ve equipped the 329P9H monitor with a variety of smart features. MultiView, for example, enables complex multitasking with multiple devices like a PC and notebook, by providing simultaneous dual connect and view.

While this monitor’s 4-sided borderless design makes it a modern classic, this feature also works well for multi-monitor setups, creating a seamless appearance without visual distractions. And to maximize user comfort, its SmartErgoBase helps you make ergonomic adjustments that can ease the physical strains of a long workday; like height changes, swivel, tilt, and rotation. The base also provides cable management, reducing cable clutter and keeping workspaces neat and professional.

Further bearing consumers in mind, we’ve incorporated another user-friendly feature into this versatile monitor – LowBlue Mode, which reduces harmful shortwave blue light for easy-on-the-eyes productivity. Your business can also take a step towards sustainability with the 329P9H monitor as it comes with a PowerSensor that saves up to 80% energy costs and a LightSensor that ensures the perfect brightness with minimal power.

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