Ultra Slim ZERO EDGE 3-Sided Borderless

By Philips Monitors, 01 Oct 2019.

In the pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle, many people have adopted the Marie Kondo method of decluttering and reorganizing. However, no matter how we systematically clear up our space, there are a few items that we must have to keep up in this technologically advanced world, and they include a computer and monitor.

Minimalist style, fantastic visual.

Performance matters, but looks are important

Gadgets are part of the modern home and hence, how they fit into our interior décor is important. With that in mind, Philips presents the Red Dot Design Award winning monitor. It delivers sharp QHD stand-out visuals in an ultra-slim bezel-free display.

Sleek and slim

The sleek design will enhance your home but what is important is the features that have been added. Trimmed with all ports and one-cable USB-C connectivity in a sleek geometric base for a clean set-up, this monitor has both looks and performance. The new display is impossibly thin! This UltraSlim profile offers a minimalistic look that stands out great in living spaces and desks.

How thin are we talking about? How about Zero Bezel? Eliminating the surrounding frame, this C Line 276C8 offers an expansive view, particularly useful in a multi-monitor setup.

Crystalclear QHD images

Whether working from home or used in an office, the Philips monitor is the perfect choice. The monitor delivers Crystalclear, Quad HD 2560 x 1440 or 2560 x 1080 pixel images. Utilizing high performance panels with high density pixel count, enabled by high bandwidth sources like Displayport, HDMI, Dual link DVI, this display will make your images and graphics come alive.

Perfect for demanding professionals.

Whether you are demanding professional requiring extremely detailed information for CAD-CAM solutions, using 3D graphic applications or a financial wizard working on huge spreadsheets, Philips displays will give you Crystalclear images.

Entertainment in HDR

One gadget serves dual purposes as the monitor doubles up as an entertainment hub as well. Its High Dynamic Range technology delivers a dramatically different visual experience. With astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast and captivating color, images come to life with much greater brightness while also featuring much deeper, more nuanced darks.

It renders a fuller palette of rich new colors never before seen on a display, giving you a visual experience that engages your senses and inspires emotions. Movie nights will never be the same again. Documentaries and dramas will be so realistic and vivid. For gamers, the features provide a 'Level Up' delivery of breathtaking visuals.

View from all angles

Eliminate the hassles of not being able to see clearly from the sides. With the advanced technology IPS display gives you extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degree, making it possible to view the display from almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays gives you remarkably crisp images with vivid colors, making it ideal not only for photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications that demand color accuracy and consistent brightness all the time.

Red Dot Design Award

Prestigious Red Dot Design Award makes it the perfect choice.

The prestigious Red Dot Design Award makes it the perfect reason to own the Ultra Slim ZERO EDGE 3-Sided Borderless C Line  monitor. Red Dot stands for the best in design, communicating the promise of innovation through the very thin panel and minimal stand archetype allowing the monitor to blend seamlessly into the home.

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