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Top 4 Display Monitor Features Optimized for Creators

By Philips Monitors, 19 May 2020.

As our world rapidly shifts to an economy based on information technology, the demand for digital content and its creation has become more intense.

Professional content creators like artists, designers, and social media influencers have a real need for cutting-edge tools and technologies that set them apart from the competition. Our 279C9 display monitor is optimized for creators, with 4K2K resolution, a flat IPS panel, Wide Color Gamut, and Display HDR400 to deliver the best color accuracy and vivid, crisp image quality. Its 4-sided borderless design also provides a floating-edge look that is sleek, seamless, and ideal for tiling applications.

The superior image quality of 4K Ultra High Definition will take your content and professionalism to new heights.

1. Superior image quality

Whether you are developing your brand image, or work portfolio and visual style, creating content with superior images is key to your success. To obtain accurate and consistent color reproduction for visual media editing, you will need a display monitor like our 279C9. It combines the power of 4K2K (4K Ultra High Definition) with 3840 x 2160 pixels for life-like clarity, a flat IPS panel for the best color accuracy and vivid, crisp visuals, a Wide-Color Gamut for a wider range of colors and DisplayHDR 400 for vibrant image quality.

The convenience of this monitor’s USB-C connector will open up new possibilities.

2. USB-C connection with 65W charging

Besides powerful visuals to build a solid brand identity, you will also need the convenience and flexibility of a USB-C connection. This slim and reversible connector enables you to project content from your mobile device and watch it on a bigger screen. Besides enabling fast data transfer, the USB-C connector will also charge your device, so you will not have to worry that it will run out of power. And when you connect your notebook to this monitor via its USB-C cable, you can continue working from home with a peace of mind, as your notebook will be charged up to 65W.

Love a sleek, minimal look? Check out this floating edge design.

3. Real edge-to-edge design

This monitor hails from our C Line, with its spirit is rooted in fashion aesthetics. To bring together the latest trends and technical sophistication, the 279C9 features a 4FL or floating edge design with a shaved edge. This enables you to enjoy the on-screen content without the visual distraction of gaps or plastic frames along the perimeter of the monitor. This incredibly seamless and minimal look is especially ideal if your work requires a multi-monitor setup.

Get creative in comfort with the SmartErgo Base.

4. Ergonomic comfort

Another attention-worthy feature of this monitor is its SmartErgoBase, which proves that stunning design can be perfectly functional. To afford you the best ergonomic comfort, this geometrically-designed base is able to height adjust, tilt (+20 -5 degree), swivel (+-170 TBC) and pivot (90 degrees   ) to give you the best positioning. If you like to stand while you work, this stylish base will work well for you with its 130mm height adjustment, enabling you to achieve the proper height without having to stack things underneath the base to elevate it. The SmartErgoBase also features cable management to give you a tidy desk and work area.

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