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Three reasons why frameless is fantastic

By Philips Monitors, 28 Jul 2020.

Stylish and functional, our 4-sided frameless display, the 275E2F, is designed for multiple applications. But there are three main reasons why this frameless monitor stands out in a crowd – it is aesthetically pleasing, offers seamless viewing and is great for multi-monitor setups. Beyond that, it is packed with features for great performance, including IPS LED, 1ms and SmartContrast.

Content feels as light as air with a 4-sided frameless display monitor.

1. Aesthetically pleasing

With its streamlined appearance, the 275E2F stylishly enhance your workspace. Its 4-sided frameless design provides a tranquil viewing experience, giving you the feel that your content is floating on air. Thanks to its slim profile, this monitor is also lightweight and saves precious desk space, which fully embraces today’s inclination for that minimalistic look and feel.

This E Line monitor’s superior aesthetics go beyond its sleek exterior design and extends to its superb picture quality. Thanks to its Crystalclear images with Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and IPS LED wide view technology, you will enjoy unconstrained visuals in true color. Meanwhile, its SmartContrast feature will give you rich black details that showcase the depth of every image on the screen and the monitor’s 300 nits of high brightness, ensures it looks sharp and clear when in a dimly-lit room.

Frameless design and Flicker-free technology come together as a visual treat.

2. Seamless viewing

The super-slim bezel of this 4-sided frameless monitor means that visual distractions, such as logos and buttons that are typically a part of a monitor’s frame, are removed from your sight. This enables you to fully utilize the entire screen space and focus fully on your content.

However, this monitor not only emphasizes on seamless viewing, it underlines safe viewing too, with Flicker-free technology for less eye fatigue and LowBlue Mode for a significant reduction in harmful short-wave blue light. And to help make your workspace a restful sight, this monitor’s clever cable management will clear up cable clutter and make things neat and organized.

Flexibility is one of the main advantages for 4-sided frameless display monitors.

3. Multi-monitor setups

The flexibility of a 4-sided frameless monitor like the 275E2F is best realized in multi-monitor setups. The frameless design allows for the fluid combination of two or more monitors to suit your needs. For example, dual monitor setups are especially popular among gamers, as it allows them to embrace immersive gameplay, as well as multitask. Gamers will also appreciate this monitor’s 1ms (MPRT) for smooth gaming action, fast response and crisp images. On top of that, there is also SmartImage game mode, which optimizes settings for gamers to ensure the best performance.

You can go even bigger, by setting up 4 monitors in a 2×2 configuration. This gives you the feel of a single, large screen and is especially ideal for video wall installations. This model’s incredibly thin bezel also offers greater flexibility in monitor orientation, such as a vertical setup.

Dual monitor setups on a 4-sided frameless monitor provides more immersive gameplay and more screen space for multitasking.

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