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Handy Guide To Picking The Right Monitor For Your Business

By Philips Monitors, 27 Apr 2017.

The requirements can be very specific when it comes to selecting a suitable monitor for business purposes. Some professionals require color accuracy on their monitor at all time; some prefer...

How To Choose A Monitor For Leisure

By Philips Monitors, 31 Mar 2017.

People use their computers for a variety of reasons at home, from web browsing to social media, online shopping, watching videos and gaming. Depending on what leisure purpose and how...

Digital Eye Strain – The Hidden Danger of Modern Life

By Philips Monitors, 28 Feb 2017.

We all know that it's important to protect our eyes from sunlight, wind, water and hazardous substances. In fact, we wouldn't think twice about putting on a pair of sunglasses,...

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